Friday, July 19, 2002

Well, it's gonna be my last week in orthopaedics soon, before I rotate to cardiology next month. The experience has been enriching -- yes, this coming from an emergency medicine trainee with no interest in anything surgical, mind you! :) It really depends on the department you're posted to, and the orthopods at the Singapore General Hospital are the best in the country -- in terms of skills, dedication and teaching. Dare I say it? I will miss them when I leave. :D

The June issue for the SMA News is out on the Web. My involvement this month is just 2 lines under the editorial board feature. Hmm, wonder why my intro is the shortest :) An article or two I've penned will probably be printed next month.

On a lighter note, I had a most interesting breakfast with my registrar this morning after ward rounds. He's from Seychelles, but attended medical school in Zimbabwe, and is now in Singapore for 4 years doing a post-graduate programme in orthopaedics. Very nice guy, and we all have a lot of fun listening to his stories. Today's, however, topped them all. He told us about his experiences doing OBGYN ( yes, in Zimbabwe ) during his first year residency. He related how one night, this young female patient was in labour, and the other resident was evaluating her regularly for cervical dilatation. Apparently, the doctor reported feeling a strange pointed object every time she examined the lady, but thought little of it. Eventually, the patient "gave birth" -- to a dead bird about the size of a duck! It was plucked as well, and quite fresh! All of us choked on our food and drink upon hearing this, of course, but our reg wasn't joking. It seems a witch doctor performed some ritual on the patient, hence the insertion of the bird. Okay, this tale has officially become the most incredible one I've ever heard in my entire life. The former winner was a story that Nicole Kidman is actually a man, as told to me by a fellow resident a couple of years ago -- she heard this from an OBGYN in Australia, who swears it's true ( Nicole allegedly has XY chromosomes, but has a hormonal dysfunction which results in ambiguous external genitalia. I have no idea if any of this is accurate, but just goes to show the sort of rumours that float around the medical community! :))

The rest of the conversation revolved around our registrar's accounts of his travels around Africa -- how he drove through some of the most beautiful countrysides he's ever seen, how gorgeous Victoria Falls is, and how much he loves The Reunion Islands. Hearing his accounts made us feel so deprived. Singapore is just acres upon acres of concrete, people and traffic. Everything's crammed together, traffic is hell, and there's no scenery to speak of. Not to mention the humid weather, increasingly cranky citizens and ridiculously high cost of living. I need a holiday!

I may get my wish this December. Planning a 2-week trip to New Zealand, through the North and South Islands. Have been surfing the Web for various tours and checking out the attractions. All I can say is, WOW. :) I also have a penpal living in Auckland, so we'll have a chance to meet up and have a good chat. I have my eye on The Best of New Zealand Tour package at this website. Check it out if you're interested.

Update on Josh Groban. He's due to appear on Larry King Live next week, but I'd also like to say his website is one of the most interesting ones I've ever visited. This I attribute solely to the fans who post there religiously, and include great photos of themselves and Josh. The best part is, Josh is probably one of the friendliest celebrities around -- and not just for publicity's sake ( e.g. Britney or Christina on MTV ). He takes the time to stay back after his performances and meet his fans for photo sessions or autograph signings. And he posts messages on the bboard at his website on and off as well! I recommend you pay his site a visit and discover for yourself the very talented Mr. Groban, and the wonderful world of Grobania. :)

My patients beckon, so will write another time. Catching Men In Black this Sunday, so more on that later.

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