Thursday, January 09, 2003

Wow, just read the papers this morning, and this is really unbelievable!

There's a new reality TV show in the US, called Joe Millionaire. Modelled after the wildly successful Bachelor series, no doubt, but with a major ( albeit cruel ) twist -- 20 women will fight for a single man who's supposed to be filthy rich, but in fact, is only a construction worker pretending to be a multi-millionaire.

Everybody together now -- WHAT?!?!

Admittedly, this piece of news has piqued my interest no end, thus my visit to its website. Obviously all the women were kept in the dark about the man's real identity, and all I can say is, those who were eliminated early must be thanking their lucky stars right now!

However, this show definitely offers some fascinating looks into the ugly side of the female psyche. From the Internet synopsis of the pilot episode, snippets of the women gushing over a man they think has $50 million in his pocket makes me want to bury my head in the ground. The women who were chosen are educated and sophisticated professionals -- one of them's a doctor, apparently -- which makes their hypocrisy and materialism all the more intolerable. I can only imagine the "winner's" horror when she's finally told the truth.

Hope the show comes to Singapore soon. Stay tuned!

Next up, Ronan Keating fans here should get their tickets fast. He's giving a concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on February 7th, Friday. I've followed his career since his Boyzone days, and his voice has gotten better with age. I'm currently blasting his album - Destination - in my car, and the songs are great. The next time you go to Borders, HMV or That CD Shop at Great World City ( places where you can sample CDs without having to feel obligated to buy ), the good ones to try out are "We've Got Tonight" ( a duet with the lovely Lulu ), "The Long Goodbye", and "If Tomorrow Never Comes".

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