Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Really Short One

1) Congratulations to Jason Mraz for getting a Grammy nomination for Song Of The Year!

Although I think it's for the wrong song ( I'm Yours ). Love For A Child is so much more deserving.

2) A YouTube clip of an interview Robert Pattinson did with Tyra Banks. Go to the 2:35 mark if you'd like to see the highlight of this segment ( won't spoil it with a description here ). It's even better than the one he did with Ellen DeGeneres! My mom was so tickled by this. :D

3) My new cat arrived 2 weeks ago, and has been an absolute joy to me. We adopted him from SPCA, he's a few months shy of 3 years old, and HUGE. I get breathless picking him up, but he shares many of my previous cat's traits, most notably crawling up to my pillow and cuddling next to my neck / shoulder.

Work's been a lot more tolerable since I got him. :)

Will write more next time. Dinner awaits.

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