Monday, March 23, 2009


That's how I describe Kumar, whose solo stand-up comedy routine last Thursday had the full-capacity crowd laughing non-stop for 90 minutes.

The newpaper review was brief, and for good reason. The majority of the jokes was politically incorrect, sometimes to the point of obscene, but it was all done in good fun, and even my mom loved every minute of it. :)

What you read in the Life! section is highly sanitized and vague, so "poking fun at sombre politicians" doesn't even come close to what actually happened. I'm not going to reproduce the verbal barbs here -- trust me, they're priceless, and were the biggest hits of the evening! -- lest it results in some form of legal action, but the loud guffaws and appreciative applause certainly says something.

One good joke that's safe to mention: Kumar's observation that the Singapore River remains filthy despite millions of dollars being spent on cleaning it up, such that God himself "couldn't tahan" anymore and decided to strike the poor Merlion with a lightning bolt.
It's difficult to deliver a punchline when I paraphrase. :)

I was post-call that night, so the jokes started to wear a little thin towards the end as my eyelids began to droop. But if I'd been wide awake, it would've been a blast.

All Ready

I finished The Winter's Tale today, and am counting down the days till I watch the play.

It's definitely not as an enjoyable a read as King Lear, but I expect the stars to put on a terrific show, thanks to Sam Mendes' expert direction.

With Shakespeare, execution often matters more than the actual subject matter. I won't be post-call this Thursday, so no drooping eyelids to mar my enjoyment. :)

Just hope my throat doesn't act up. I can't believe I'm still coughing almost 3 weeks after contracting a URTI. The worst part of this is not being able to have my weekly fix of laksa. The next worst thing: not being able to swim - but I'll give it a go later this morning when I finish the shift. I need a dose of endorphins before I go nuts.

Reminder To Jason Mraz Fans

There's a 1-hour special about him today at 5pm on Channel V, titled Videoscope - The Chosen One ( digital cable only ).

Not sure if it's a repeat of a documentary aired last year after SingFest, but since I erased that one, it'll be a good opportunity for me to record it again for safekeeping. :)

I detect the whiff of a collaboration between Jason and John Mayer in the near future. Read his blog on MySpace - the entry titled My Grammy Speech.
My response: WOOHOO! :D

Next entry: a review of The Winter's Tale.

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