Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That's A Wrap!

Better do this before I run out of opportunities. It's an annual tradition, after all.

So another year flies by yet again, and it's time to reflect on highlights from the past 12 months.

Was 2009 a good one? I would say yes. Not the best I've had - that would be 2005 - but on the whole, far from disappointing.

Best People

1) Hands down, Jason Mraz!

Finally got to meet him after being a fan for 6 long years, and it was worth the wait. Lovely guy, with an extremely bright future ahead of him. Hope I'll have the chance to say hello again the next time he drops by Singapore.

2) The Secret Service agents

A huge thrill, loads of fun, and some of the best conversation I've ever had.

3) Jenson Button

Didn't get to talk to him, but standing an arm's length away was good enough for me! Nice, humble chap.

4) Various handsome Australian young men

... whom I met on holiday. There's the sales staff at Sydney's Virgin Megastore who chatted with me; a beautiful waiter in Brisbane who's a tall version of David Archuleta, with impeccable manners; a delicious blonde cashier at Woolworths who insisted on giving me bags even when I didn't want any ( thought that was rather funny ).
And all the hot bods at the Gold Coast, where shirts are optional, and the guys love a woman's appreciative attention. Eating breakfast at a beachside McDonald's has never been more enjoyable. :)

5) The professors from Mount Sinai Hospital

Fascinating and gracious, had everyone practically eating out of their hands.
One's older and very distinguished. The other's pure eye candy. Good combination. :)

Best Experiences

1) The Dolphin Adventure at Gold Coast's Sea World

I've been meaning to write about this, but eventually decided not to. Keeps it more special that way.
But I highly recommend it to anyone who's game for a great time, loves dolphins as much as I do, and is a competent swimmer ( otherwise they won't let you participate ).

2) The Sea World whale-watching cruise

Not the most pleasant trip if you're prone to sea-sickness and the water's choppy, but in my opinion, just do it at least once. Even if you get violently ill like I did, you won't regret it!

3) Visiting Sydney & Brisbane

Travelling always makes the cut, and both cities were very entertaining indeed. Definitely helped that I've got friends there, and we were very lucky to meet lots of nice, helpful Aussies.

I especially love Sea World, with its awesome aquarium, dolphin lagoon, polar bear enclosure and sting ray feeding / petting area. It's almost as festive as Disneyworld, I kid you not!

4) Jason Mraz's gig

It was in March. Go to the archive to read my 5-star review!

5) The Bridge Project's The Winter's Tale

Not the best choice of play, but unprecedented in terms of sheer star power. Also in March, so check out the archive.

6) The emergency ultrasound workshop in Brisbane

Very inspiring, and made new friends in the process. Plus, I didn't have to pay for it!

7) The Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore's Annual Scientific Meeting

What a mouthful. Got arrowed as organizing chair, but was assisted by a terrific committee, and pulled off a very successful conference.
Looking forward to the Mount Sinai Hospital professors' return. Need to bring them sightseeing again!

Best Entertainment

1) Glee

Okay, so I've only seen 2 full episodes overseas, but the music is what really gets me. Sure, they may consist of covers, but I have great respect for a cast that can make me actually like a hip-hop tune, when I would otherwise switch off completely.
You absolutely must listen to their version of Duffy's Mercy, and watch the YouTube clip of that dance the football team does to Beyonce's Single Ladies. A riot!

2) True Blood

Seasons 1 & 2 aired on cable in quick succession, and I couldn't be happier.
Alexander Skarsgard is such a pleasure to watch. :)

3) Dexter

I can't stop raving about this show. Season 3 is a stunner once again. Can't wait for Season 4 to hit our shores.

4) Ghost Hunters & Ghost Adventures

I'm such a sucker for supernatural stuff. With GH on hiatus on Starworld ( some stupid computer show took its slot ), I'm now glued to GA, especially since its team leader is much better-looking than most of the GH guys. An early episode had Zak being scratched by a malevolent spirit, in real time as the camera rolled. When a Catholic priest later exclaimed, "You provoked it on purpose? You're playing with fire!", Zak didn't even raise an eyebrow.
Wow. :)

5) American Idol

Haven't been so excited about a runner-up since Clay Aiken. Adam Lambert's album is bloody fantastic, go buy it!

6) So You Think You Can Dance

Mark Kanemura from the 2008 season is quirky sexiness at its best. Search YouTube - you won't be sorry.

7) Twitter

Kevin Spacey jumped on the wagon, and answered my tweets a few times, yes!
Edward Norton also started an account, and kept me coming back for more with his marathon training updates.
Too bad Viggo Mortensen, John Cusack and James McAvoy haven't shown up on the radar - yet.

8) Facebook

Set up my account, at long last.
Having a blast and connecting with friends whom I haven't seen in eons.

9) My cat

Late November marked our 1st year anniversary with Nemo, and he continues to bring joy and laughter into our lives every single day.
Nothing - and I really mean NOTHING - beats having a big fat purring cat cuddle up to you in bed on a rainy night.

10) Laurell K. Hamilton

Always exciting to discover a new author, especially if s/he has loads of novels for me to chew on.
Just finished her excellent short story collection. Will plough through the Vampire Hunter series once my journal article's done.
I have priorities, you know. :)

11) Lev Grossman's The Magicians

A rollercoaster ride with a likely sequel in the works. Violent, perverted and insane. Love it!

12) Clive Owen

A revelation in The International and Duplicity.

Plans For 2010


Helping the organizing chair with this. Expecting a turnout of thousands, and looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces from New York and Australia. :)

2) Holiday

Have picked my next destination, although I was outvoted by my parents. You'll find out what it is in 9 months' time.

3) Get promoted!

If I'm going to get tortured everyday, might as well get paid well for it.

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