Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bliss Part 24

Another fortnight has passed, bringing me even closer to my upcoming vacation. :)

What else is there to be happy about?

First, one of my all-time favourite actors, John Cusack, is now on Twitter, woohoo!

Haven't quite managed to coax a direct reply out of him just yet, but I'm optimistic that I will succeed at some point.

Second, I just found out that my Tour Director is a guy. With a very nice name. I hope he'll look good as well, but am more concerned about whether he's going to be accomodating, which is the most important factor.

Having encountered enough female tour guides over the years, a man will be a welcome change. Cross fingers. :)

Third, True Blood season 3. Blowing my mind with every new episode, but needs to tone down the gore a little ( yes, even I can't stand it sometimes ).

My appreciation for Franklin Mott ( played by a gaunt but delightfully overwrought James Frain ) hit its peak in episode 6, but promptly came to a swift conclusion when poor Franklin's skull got bashed to smithereens by an angry Tara.

But that's not how vampires die, right? So he could actually survive this? All right then. :)

Fourth, the Glee compendium of music. Volumes 4 and 5 contain so many of my favourite tracks, I hit cloud nine when I first blasted them on my iPod.
There's the groovy tribute to '80s disco ( Safety Dance ), the awesome rock duets ( Dream On, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Faithfully ), a jaw-dropping rock anthem ( sexy Jonathan Groff sings Bohemian Rhapsody ), Broadway hits ( I Dreamed A Dream ), Burt Bacharach covers ( One Less Bell To Answer ), swing ( Lady Is A Tramp ), Lady Gaga classics ( Bad Romance, Poker Face ), ending off with a beautiful rendition of Over The Rainbow.
The Glee cast is so talented and versatile, they can do no wrong regardless of what's thrown at them. Lea Michele and Groff ( whom I've loved from the first time I heard them on the Spring Awakening soundtrack, despite never watching the musical ) are vocal powerhouses with serious acting chops. Cory Monteith ( Finn ) has improved tremendously within one season, now hitting glory notes effortlessly. Mark Salling's ( Puck ) role keeps getting juicier, and his performance of Lady Is A Tramp showcases his talent perfectly. Chris Colfer ( Kurt ) is unbelievably excellent, whether belting a Lady Gaga piece or delivering high kicks on a Broadway number.

The guest stars are also great fun, especially Neil Patrick Harris ( superb job in Dream On ), Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel ( both Broadway veterans ).

But my favourite, of course, has always been Matthew Morrison. Fell in love with his voice on the Hairspray sountrack ( B'way musical, not the inferior Hollywood movie version ), and never tire of his many performances on the TV show.

Wish Jersey Boys' John Lloyd Young could've caught a bigger break though. Surely he deserved something better than a tiny cameo in one episode? Would've been nice for me to be able to say: I've seen this famous Glee actor in person! :)

Fifth, the Sun Festival 2010 cometh! This year's lineup is much better than 2009's, IMHO. Definitely attending at least one of the events, after I ask the organizers a few questions. Must get my money's worth, after all.

Still, if David Foster's coming, why not Clay Aiken or Josh Groban? ( He produces albums for both guys. ) Argh!!!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. Till next time...

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