Sunday, June 16, 2002

Man, I can't believe it's been more than a week since my last entry. Yeesh, the past 7 days have been hell on earth, but partly self-inflicted -- ie. not sleeping when I should after a horrible night call, and going out till late instead. :P Anyway, here's a short update on the latest happenings.

1) I recently decided to seriously pursue my interest in writing, and had an article published in the Singapore Medical Association's monthly news bulletin. Following that, I
submitted another article which was also accepted, and the editor invited me to join the Editorial Board -- no prizes for guessing my answer! :) Anyway, it appears I'm the
youngest member so far, and the only female, so it's going to be a little intimidating initially. However, I'm looking forward to the tasks ahead, and will add some links to
the online version of the newsletter soon.

2) Had a farewell dinner for a senior resident I worked with a couple of years ago when I rotated through gastroenterology. Very nice guy from Malaysia, with a brain the size
of a watermelon probably, yet humble and compassionate. I had just completed my internship and was constantly perplexed when I joined his department, but he was
always patient and willing to teach. I've learnt so much from him, and continue to emulate him in my daily work -- though he may not realize this, and I haven't actually
told him either. He's headed to Edinburgh for an attachment programme, and will be greatly missed, but of course we will keep in touch via email. I wish him all the best.

3) Attended a slew of concerts -- 3 in 1 week, whew! Let me start off with The Harvard Krokodiloes, a group of 12 young male Harvard undergrads who sing
a capella, with a repetoire comprising songs from the early 1900s. They performed at The Tanglin Club here in Singapore on June 12th, and wowed the audience with their renditions of everything from "Rockin' Robin" to "Loch Lomond" and a hilarious tango about sadomasochism. Lots of showmanship, and a few of them are terribly cute * grin *, so it was very enjoyable. Too bad they had to rush off at the end for another performance -- at the neighbouring American Club, I suspect. Would've liked an encore, and perhaps a post-performance drinking session. Will locate their website and add a link once I get the opportunity.

4) Next up is The Chieftains, who dropped by on June 14th and 15th for 2 shows at the Kallang Theatre. I'd already played their latest CD, Wide World Over, to death
in my car, so hearing them live was an unbelievable experience. They also brought 5 guests -- a pair of amazingly gifted dancing Canadian brothers, a guitarist from
Nashville, and a singer-pianist duo from Okinawa. It was a magical night. Too bad the audience was wooden and failed to give them the standing ovation they so rightly deserved at the end. As Yoda would say, "Truly legendary, The Chieftains are." :)

5) Watched Richard Clayderman last night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This is his 3rd concert in my country in maybe 5 years, and it's different every time. Although he does play his more famous pieces at each show, he also does good covers of old favourites. Previously, he performed "My Heart Will Go On" and songs from "West Side Story". This time, he played "There's a Kind of Hush", "I Will Survive" and some great grooves from Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. For 20 minutes, he gallantly gave the stage to 2 local child prodigies -- Clare Yeo and Benjamin Boo. Though both played Clayderman pieces, the latter injected his renditions with improvised chords and other subtle inflections which reveal maturity beyond his years. I can predict with 100% certainty that Clayderman will return in a year or two. Well, I'll be sure to attend his next show. :)

6) Last entry before I sign off. I rented the DVD for "Kate & Leopold" yesterday, and just want to say that Hugh Jackman is every woman's dream come true. :) And it isn't just the character that he plays -- ie. an eligible, handsome young English Duke with impeccable manners and a body to die for. No, no, Jackman is the quintessential movie star who oozes understated charm and makes the women swoon without making the men feel threatened. Seeing him stroll -- not strut -- around all decked out in finery, pulling out chairs for Meg Ryan or defending her honour in barely a whisper, I lament the rarity of truly chivalrous males on this planet we inhabit, and the over-abundance of cads, jerks and chauvinists. Sure, "Kate & Leopold" may be viewed as a cheesy fairy-tale by some, but its strong box-office takings reflect the sentiments of females everywhere. Men should watch this movie and learn a few things.

Friday, June 07, 2002

Hello world!
First and foremost, I'd like to dedicate this debut blog post to Grant Bennett, whose own blog is at this address. I came across his website through Interpals, and was so inspired I decided to start my own. But Grant's entries are fantastic, so I don't think I will possibly ever equal, let alone top, his efforts.
The 2nd person I dedicate this to is a senior resident who's responsible for the above title. I had the pleasure of working with him when I did a rotation in general surgery a few months ago, and greatly respect and admire him. He usually spews much more colourful things than this, but more on those in later posts. :)
So, here's a short intro. My name's Jen Jen, I'm 27, chinese, female, born and bred in Singapore and currently training to be an emergency physician. I guess the latter is the main reason -- perhaps the only reason -- anyone would even be remotely interested in reading what I write. 5 years of medical school ensures some degree of common sense. :)
Seriously though, a doctor's life is never dull, and although I graduated from university 3 years ago, I've seen so much since then that I'm already starting to feel jaded. So you can expect many accounts of my daily routine, my patients, the people I work with, or just some personal thoughts on my job experiences. I try to inject humour into my posts, so hopefully that will keep you awake and eager for more.
Last but not least, feel free to drop by my webpage.You can read more about my interests and personality here.
Of course, I will also write about my other passions in life -- mainly movies, TV, music, books and travel. All comments are warmly welcomed, and arguments strongly encouraged.
Thanks for reading, and I look forward to many more fruitful months/years of blogging ahead!