Monday, June 25, 2012

10 Years And Almost 2 Months :)

Another busy 4 weeks have passed, but an update is in order!

I've been turning to the Internet in recent months, since local cable either takes forever to bring my favourite TV shows to Singapore, or forgets about them entirely.

Sherlock falls into the latter category. After an interminable hiatus following a terrific season 1, StarHub cable shows no intention of airing season 2. How typical.

Last week, I got my hands on all 3 new episodes, and I must say, BBC is trying to match HBO in terms of racy content!

Prime example: the manner in which Irene Adler is introduced. Forget about Guy Ritchie's film adaptations, which leave Robert Downey Jr completely exposed but keep the ladies covered up. BBC's version features head-to-toe nudity and bondage. Are these in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels???

Anyway, season 2 looks like a load of fun thus far, thanks to the aforementioned antics and the always excellent cast. Look out for Andrew Scott who plays Moriarty. He's absolutely terrifying despite looking like a little boy. Gave me the creeps in this scene, brrrr!

Another wonderful film I need to rave about: The Debt, starring Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain, Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson.

I'll leave you to read the synopsis elsewhere. If you're into tense thrillers with sporadic action scenes, but which feature a truly stellar cast and outstanding performances, this is definitely for you.

It took me a long time to get round to watching the movie, mostly because reviews I'd read were mixed and I honestly thought it would be dull. How wrong I was! My nerves were on edge from beginning to end, and certain bits were positively harrowing.

While Mirren is billed as the star, I personally feel that Chastain and Worthington are thrust in the spotlight. Without giving too much away, I will just say that these 2 actors share amazing chemistry here, and there're a few scenes which are exquisitely beautiful to behold.

Chastain never disappoints, but it is Worthington who really stands out, turning in one of his best performances since Terminator Salvation.

Also, keep an eye out for a prisoner who enjoys playing mind games with his captors. He derives evil pleasure from causing others to suffer, saying things which will chill you to the bone, while he flashes a smile and giggles with glee.

Although TV and movies help keep me sane, Dale Carnegie's motivational book is adding to the positive energy.

Like most publications in this genre, a lot of the advice offered sounds like common sense, but somehow, reading it helps spur you to action.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and constant whining, I decided to empower myself by adopting a few of his suggested practices. They sound insanely simple, but produce miracles!

Over the years, work and personal experiences have turned me into a hard-core pessimist with cynical tendencies. So now, I'm trying to tune those traits down a notch, so I can stay healthy and live long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Give it a go if you'd like. Then let me know what you think. :)

Jason Mraz's Gardens By The Bay concert takes place this Friday, woohoo! Will try to post a review soon. :D