Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I really wish I could add pictures to this thing. Well, maybe in the near future. Gonna buy a much-needed digital camera next month, along with a printer, after which I will swamp the Internet with numerous photos and be the first to cause the World Wife Web to implode -- worth a try. :)

Calls have a weird effect on me. And yes, I'm on call again today. I'm usually muted on such days, but not so at the moment, as you can see! Maybe it's because I just visited a blog which is hilarious. Click here and prepare to be greatly amused.

Anyhow, life goes on and except for the occasional liquor consumption and extravagant spending at a swanky restaurant, my programme is pretty much fixed.

What I do after work:

Monday -- Watch comedies on cable, followed by "Friends", "Alias" and "Ed" on Channel 5. I used to record "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" but the latest season has yet to arrive and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms.

Tuesday -- Watch "Ally McBeal" and "Gilmore Girls".

Wednesday -- Watch "Philly" on Channel i ( a cool new legal drama which has replaced "The Guardian", and stars Tom Everett Scott , from "That Thing You Do!" and Kim Delaney , from "NYPD Blue" ), followed by my all-time favourite, "C.S.I."

Thursday -- No good shows on Singapore TV, so might catch a good film on cable, surf the Net or read a good book.

Friday -- same as for Thursday.

Saturday -- Most of the time, it's either relaxing at home or cramming a whole lot of errands into half a day, ranging from grocery-shopping to buying CDs/clothes to meeting up with friends. Pubbing occurs once every 3 to 4 months, usually when I'm depressed. :)

Sunday -- Swimming in the morning, with the afternoon left free for maybe going to the cinemas, updating my websites, or doing some writing. I particularly enjoy sitting in the garden with my cat in the early evening. That's when the warm evening sun comes by the front porch, and it's prime time for jogger-watching -- mostly young good-looking men around my neighbourhood. :D

Recently acquired a "VIP" patient with end-stage renal failure and fluid overload. He's currently very ill and unresponsive to external stimuli. I take blood from him daily, and sometimes do other invasive procedures like catheterizing, and every time I look at him, it's sad when I realize who this man is, and what he used to be. Obviously someone who was a distinguished figure in his earlier years, he is now totally dependent on others and bedbound. Makes me think hard about my own mortality.

Right then, it's nearing 5pm, so will make a beeline for the call room, change into slippers, and hope the next 14 hours won't kill me.

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