Thursday, September 26, 2002

Here're my views on "Restless", that new TCS offering mentioned in an earlier entry.

It sucks! Just wanted to get that off my chest immediately. My God, does it suck!
The script isn't the problem, mind you, and my sympathy goes out to the poor writers, who try hard and haven't done badly.
The visuals aren't that great, but again I applaud the "cinematographer" ( though I don't think people in "show business" here deserve any sort of title ). The dark colours are quite interesting and atmospheric. Too bad they get marred by the cheesy "shock music" -- sudden surges in the creepy score at key moments, specifically aimed at making you jump in fright. I'm immune to this sort of tactics, so it had zero effect on me, yawn.

No no, what really really sucks is the acting -- Carol Tham's, in particular. Where the heck did the producers/director dig up this bimbo? Okay, she IS quite pretty, and her cutesy fragile features could earn viewers' empathy -- after all, most horror shows make use of children or beautiful females, presumably to make you feel protective towards these characters ( e.g. The Sixth Sense, The Exorcist, What Lies Beneath, The Others ). But in order for this to work, the lead has to be able to ACT. Tham, unfortunately, has abyssmal emoting skills. Her expressions are limited to three at most, her delivery of lines is so lacklustre you start to wonder if she needs to have her thyroid function checked, and her attempts at acting petrified are awfully forced and artificial. Jean Danker ( who plays her friend ) would definitely have done a much better job. Is it too late to change leads?

The actors playing the different ghosts don't fare better either. The little boy who showed up in the pilot episode talks exactly the same way as Tham, and one particular scene, in which the two of them were sitting next to each other having a conversation, was so dumb I started laughing. Not a good sign for a thriller.

The day after this disaster aired, I heard Perfect 10 DJs Glenn Ong and Rod Monteiro talking about it on the radio. Glenn raved about "The Practice" ( which I saw, and WOW! ), but when pressed by Rod to comment on "Restless", kept evading the question. Finally, he admitted how bad it is, and Rod answered, "So you got restless watching "Restless" eh?" What a bunch of clowns. :)

Verdict? Don't wast your precious time on this clunker. Why can't TCS just save their money and bring in more US TV shows instead of wasting it on stupid projects like this one?

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