Tuesday, September 17, 2002

This is the week I have 3 calls within 7 days. The one last Saturday was relatively quiet with a few spurts of activity - defibrillated a patient for the very first time, an experience I will never forget! It's Tuesday evening 8pm right now, and so far I've had 1 admission, woohoo! The night's still young, of course, but once you get through the first few hours with a track record like this, you count your blessings. :)

Just browsed the latest issue of the SMA News on the Internet, and would like to draw your attention to a piece written by my fellow Editorial Board member Terence Lim. He's penned a very candid article on life in the ER, and let me tell you very honestly - I really admire his guts! :) A most enjoyable read.

And now, back to my favourite topic - movies. I watched a terrific John Cusack film on cable last night called "Say Anything" ( Star Movies, Channel 58 ), and thought I'd make up a list of good JC movies you can try out if you're interested. In order of preference:

1) Say Anything - Yes! I like it that much! Cusack plays a high school graduate who takes a leap of faith and asks the top girl in his class out, before she embarks on a scholarship study programme in England. It's an early work by Cameron Crowe ( of "Almost Famous" and "Vanilla Sky" fame ), and sparkles with smart dialogue and on-screen chemistry between its 2 young stars ( the other being Ione Skye ). JC fills his character with emotional angst and a wonderful sweetness which is further enhanced by his angelic looks ( yes, Cusack was adorable as a teen :)). A very good date movie, especially if you're craving an intelligent love story.

2) Grosse Pointe Blank - This one's not well-known, but has Cusack in the role of a hitman who returns to his hometown for a high school reunion, meeting up with an old flame ( Minnie Driver ) in the process. A movie made watchable only by JC's presence, but also boosted by a nice comedic performance from Driver ( who's shown good comic timing in the Disney cartoon "Tarzan", as well as "Return To Me" and "Circle of Friends" ). Promises lots of good laughs.

3) Con Air - Cusack's only mainstream blockbuster, I believe, in which he shares the screen with the likes of Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich, playing a US Marshal out to re-capture a plane that has been hijacked by a group of hard-core criminals. He looks great here, and amazingly, manages to look believable despite his boyish features.

4) Pushing Tin - Here, he's an air traffic controller who's so neurotic you really start to worry about your own safety when you travel on planes ( you think Singaporeans are any different?! ). This is a hilarious take on the nasty goings-on in "the tower", and sees Cusack matching wits with Billy Bob Thornton, and sharing some intimate moments with Cate Blanchett ( excellent as a loud-mouthed, gaudily dressed wife ) and Angelina Jolie ( who never fails to heat up a screen ). It may seem to lose a bit of direction towards the end, but it's a good ride, nonetheless.

5) Being John Malkovich - A masterpiece all on its own, but not one of JC's best performances. The storyline's one of the most original ever -- Cusack discovers a hole in his office that leads directly into the mind of John Malkovich. My main peeve is his grungy look, which really doesn't seem necessary. But this is a guy who ultimately excels in kooky roles ( e.g. "High Fidelity" ), and never appears that comfortable as more conventional leading man characters ( e.g. "America's Sweethearts", "Serendipity").

One of the most deserving of an Oscar. He just needs the right role in the right film. I'm just waiting, 'cos I'm sure it'll happen someday.

Will be writing on more themes periodically. Coming up: Good horror flicks ( in October, in celebration of Halloween ), and perhaps some choice movies from Matt Damon.
If anyone has special requests, feel free to email me at ojj75@yahoo.com. Would be most happy to oblige - and get a few opinions as well. :)

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