Friday, March 28, 2003

Just another short update.
As I predicted, the kids are running around town and maybe even infecting each other. Get a load of the photos in the papers this morning, depicting hordes of students playing arcade games. And when asked why they're out when they're supposed to stay at home, one smart fellow replied, "I don't think I'll get SARS." Ooooh, I can just imagine what the Singapore government will be like 30 years from now. ( "We decided to spend the nation's entire economy on something really stupid, 'cos we didn't think we'd be affected by the global recession." )

Anyway, the quarantined people are back at work, and apparenty, a lot of my classmates who just got out of NS are being shunted to TTSH or the CDC to help out. I'm told this caused a major uproar, but in the end, I suppose our $300,000 bond won out over individual freedom. The fever ward started functioning today, and there's been a huge reshuffle of teams, which is pretty confusing, but overall, less taxing in terms of manpower.

Last but not least, Clay Aiken has progressed to the next round yet again! Yay! His performance last night was the best, IMHO, though Simon Cowell thought otherwise. But in my mind, Clay sounds great singing anything -- even the alphabet song -- and he's my choice all the way for emerging as this season's American Idol. Go Clay!

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