Saturday, May 16, 2009

Desperate Times...

I can't take it anymore, so here's a short entry while I spend the last hour of my crappy night shift babysitting a case undergoing CT scans.

American Idol - The Final 2

Was there ever any doubt that Adam Lambert would reach the finish line? That crazy week where he and Kris Allen were in the bottom was obviously a fluke.

Should make a most interesting showdown - glam rocker vs boy-next-door. Kris channeled Jason Mraz with his acoustic version of Heartless this week, while Adam overdid it a little on Aerosmith's Cryin'.

I still favour Adam, who's got the goods in terms of vocals and charisma. But it remains to be seen whether a gay / bisexual this flamboyant can garner enough votes to beat a married Christian worship leader who understandably appeals to the mainstream audience.

I guess I'm quite open-minded in that respect. Bet the ousted Aware EXCO are cringing over the possible 50/50 outcome, heh heh.

Movie Marathon

Haven't watched 3 movies consecutively in a long long time. Am enjoying myself immensely. :)

Considering Wolverine, Star Trek and Angels & Demons, I can't say that any movie really stood out. Best critique would be that none of them was unbelievably bad, but then again they didn't live up to my expectations, especially Star Trek ( with its misleadingly impressive trailer ).

Since my background knowledge is strongest where A&D is concerned, trust me when I tell you to read the book. If you caught the film before touching the novel, then read it anyway. The last few chapters get rather clunky and melodramatic, but the rest of it is thrilling and fascinating, and I guarantee you will enjoy the rollercoaster ride ( even if you pretend not to :)).

If you have the chance to visit Rome in the future, make sure you take the official A&D tour, which I joined back in 2005 and absolutely loved! The guides are just wonderful.

Standing Down, For Now

So as we shift from DORSCON Orange to Yellow, leave restrictions are being relaxed, although I've already gone ahead with cancelling my July vacation to Europe. Dammit!

Anyway, I take comfort in the fact that I've booked another trip, for semi-official reasons, to a country that's closer to home. Just have to wait another extra couple of months before I can get away. Even if the 2nd wave hits us and my leave is threatened, I intend to appeal.
I mean, we have to be reasonable to some extent, right?

Boy am I exhausted. This is one of the rare occasions where I can't leave the ER to get some rest. Only managed a short supper break, which was fortunately taken at just the right moment before the sick patients arrived. Even if my brain's toasted, at least my stomach's full. :)

Time for some breakfast, then 2 hours of overtime covering the new MOs undergoing orientation lectures. Yippee.

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Anonymous said...

i'm a kris allen fan! haha. love his laid back way of singing - very jason mraz.

work is...just a matter of getting used to i think. i feel less blur now, which means i'm getting more fed up with dealing with the social stuff rather than real medical issues. :(

have a good rest!