Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review of Maroon 5's concert
25th April 2011
Singapore Indoor Stadium

Before I begin, here's a link to my review of their 2008 gig, to give you an idea of the differences between the 2 shows.

I previously swore that I wouldn't attend another Maroon 5 gig because, in all honesty, I didn't think their last one was worth the money.

However, I changed my mind when Hands All Over was released. While reports suggest it hasn't done very well sales-wise, I find it positively hypnotic, to the point where I can blast it for weeks on my car stereo or my iPod, without getting sick of any of the songs.

Suffice to say, my decision to see them a 2nd time proved to be the right one. Yesterday's show was electrifying! :)

Here's the set list:

If I Never See Your Face Again
Harder To Breathe
Give a Little More
The Sun + Billie Jean mash-up
Won't Go Home Without You
Never Gonna Leave This Bed
Secret + What's Love Got To Do With It mash-up
She Will Be Loved
Wake Up Call
This Love


Hands All Over
Makes Me Wonder
Sunday Morning

Plus points:

1) Definitely less noisy compared to 2008, which almost perforated my eardrums.

2) Adam Levine was much friendlier, as evidenced by quite a bit of banter with the audience, bouncing around the stage and posing for photographs, even conducting a nice singalong session on She Will Be Loved.

3) The whole band looked stoked by the deafening cheers from the crowd, which comprised many more youngsters this time round ( i.e. teenagers, who have a lot of money to spend, I see ). I know lead guitarist James Valentine was grinning from ear to ear. And there were moments when Adam and James threw T-shirts and even a drumstick into the audience. :)

4) Many slow numbers, which I personally feel should be increased further. Adam sang the ballads beautifully, and I especially enjoyed the mash-ups - special mention to his cover of Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do With It. Mesmerizing... please record it for your next album. :)

5) A stage setup that is superior to the sparse 2008 design - or to be accurate, what design? Last night's had a cool wall of spotlights behind the band, adding dramatic effects throughout the show. Nice!

6) A lengthier show - 90 minutes compared to 2008's 75.

Other standout performances: a very poignant Won't Go Home Without You, an epic Wake Up Call ( much more memorable than their 2008 version! ), and a superb Sunday Morning which had everyone roaring the lyrics.

The best of the night? A toss between Secret ( have always loved this song, glad Adam sang it! ) and Won't Go Home Without You ( sounded phenomenal! ).

Kudos as well to the amazing audience, who definitely made the show a success. I was surrounded by teens, and their enthusiasm is very infectious indeed. Wonder how Maroon 5 feels about appealing to high schoolers? Their fans are getting younger and younger, haha.

Last but not least, many compliments to the rest of the band, especially Valentine and bassist Mickey Madden. If you listen to their latest album, Hands All Over, the guitar and bass feature very prominently on many tracks ( especially the super-catchy ones ). Maybe they're responsible for the hypnotic effect. :)

Verdict: an terrific evening with a terrific band! Will definitely see them again when they return!

But... it would be nice to see them in more formal attire next time round. They wore the same T-shirt-and-jeans getups again. Adam looks scrawny, he needs a jacket!

Haven't had time to download photos and a video ( of Makes Me Wonder ) just yet. Stay tuned...


DeeAprille said...

Thanks for the lovely review of Maroon 5's concert. I was there too & I had such a wonderful time. My only regret is they didn't sing my two favorites - "How" & "Just A Feeling"

spacefan said...

Hi, thanks for posting a comment, and for continuing to read my blog. :)

Wish I could've written a longer review, but think age has caught up with me, so my entries tend to be shorter these days ( except when I'm discussing Kevin Spacey haha :)).

How and Just A Feeling are also my favourites from Hands All Over, but I'm grateful they covered songs from previous albums as well. Made the show a lot more interesting!

Rock on. :D