Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I spoke too soon when I posted earlier! The patient list suddenly exploded, and the resus area had a continuous influx of cases. It took us all till about 4am to clear everything. The other 2 guys I'm on night shift with got little sleep, but they were really nice to let me get about 2 hours of protected rest time. Just woke up, and my eyes are bloodshot, and the ER is freezing, but at least there don't seem to be many patients waiting around. Whew!

Yesterday should've been called Flu & Food Poisoning Day. One young lady was so dehydrated her kidneys were starting to shut down, so I admitted her. But there were many other much milder cases who still came to see us. Can't believe how some people can run to the hospital after puking once. A bit over-dramatic, don't you think?

Regarding an earlier question on my opinion of Gurmit Singh's SARS-vivor rap, I heard it last night, and laughed really hard. Not because it's dumb, mind you, but because it's extremely funny in a very good way. Whoever wrote the lyrics is pretty talented, but only Gurmit could've pulled it off. The only problem is the overtly Singlish / Ah Beng diction, which doesn't bode well for our youngsters' language skills.

Nearing 7am. One more hour to go before we officially finish the shift. :)

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