Tuesday, May 04, 2004

A quick entry...

It's been hellish these past few days, but things will settle down real soon. I hope.

New home, new posting, new blog direction.

First, the new home.
Excellent beyond imagination. Never mind about how we furnished it. I'm talking about the view, the proximity to the park, major highways, detour routes to town, reservoirs, bustling malls. Now, we've even got a free shuttle service to and from our residence to the MRT station. Even on Sundays and public holidays, woohoo!
Just went to the nearby park this evening for a stroll. Very pretty place, totally not what I expected at all.
I see the sunrise every morning, and enjoy the gorgeous sky hues during sunsets. We face a lengthy green belt surrounded by beautiful street lights. I'm wondering what else I'll discover, haha. :)

New posting.
Was 5pm-midnight yesterday. Nightmare, but only because we were new to the system, and many of us have little to no experience in paediatrics, which is a whole new world, to put it very mildly. But our senior staff are very supportive, the nurses extremely capable and nice, and fellow MOs already working well as a team.

New blog direction
Something's in the works, but I'm not at liberty to discuss it further at this point. As a result, I will be dwelling less on the medical stuff over the next few weeks, and will post information on this new format as soon as I receive the go-ahead. It's a very exciting venture, and guarantees a much more enjoyable experience in terms of variety and reading pleasure. Watch this space!

A big hey to Class 95's Mark Richmond, who's been playing my Peter Cincotti requests this past week during dinner jazz. :) My choice today was "Are You The One?", and guess what? That CD Shop outlets have ordered a whole stack of Cincotti's albums, so be sure to grab one ASAP. Great stuff!

I've got a new jazz disc, titled Twentysomething, by that's right -- Jamie Cullum. I just started listening to it, so a review will follow soon. Preliminary opinion: Fantastic. So fantastic that Harry Connick's latest offering -- a compilation of all-time jazz favourites which I sampled at the store, and which should have lots of mass appeal -- pales in comparison. For me at least.

If you can't wait, go here.

No time, no time, aargh! Signing off for now.

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