Tuesday, January 24, 2006


What happens when I've got free time on my hands, am too tired post-full-day-AST-session to do anything else, and there's no "House" on cable?

Why, I blog, of course. :)

See This Dude

But bear in mind - he's more of a personal taste than a mainstream artiste.

March 17th. Mark your calendars.

I will say this: His 2002 album, Waiting For My Rocket To Come, is a real gem, thanks to the beautiful, upbeat You And I Both, and the ingenious The Remedy ( I Won't Worry ). ( Also love that rooster featured in his CD photos. )

Mraz has an impressive vocal range and displays seasoned versatility in pop, rock, folk and jazz styles. He also delivers pitch-perfect 'live' performances, as evidenced by samples from concert recordings played on the radio now and then.

An "intimate, acoustic" evening -- sounds like heaven to me. :)

Don't know why I never saw his latest release in the stores I usually haunt. Time to go hunting for it the next time I'm in town.

By the way, is anyone going to the Kings Of Convenience show? Have heard some of their music via videos on MTV previously - really enjoyed it - but alas, I have to watch my spending this year, in preparation for some good stuff in New York City, New Orleans, Las Vegas and perhaps even Los Angeles.

It's gonna be a rather long wait ( by my standard at least ), but definitely worth it. :)

The Bubble Burst

Ah, one mystery solved.

A male colleague described me as "not a bad deal" the other day ( he isn't comfortable with direct compliments, so I appreciate the effort, heh ), but what's the point really, if certain people consider my ex so overwhelming a factor that they won't even dare make an approach?

I kid you not.

It's one thing to be avoided because of my own flaws.

It's entirely another when the ex still manages to exert such ( negative ) influence on my social circle.

Quite frankly, I find it insulting.


It came up during a conversation while strolling in the park this evening: how Italian television is almost extra-terrestrial in nature, with 99% of the programmes broadcast in the native language, whether they're locally produced or Hollywood fare.

I still recall how, when I first arrived in Rome, I spent a couple of days flipping channels like crazy and watching the likes of "The Firm" and "Grease" in Italian. If it weren't for CNN, I would've lost my mind.

But it also helped that they've got lax censorship. "The Lover" ( that Jane March vehicle ) was screened in all its uncut glory, though everyone spoke - you guessed it - Italian. Not that I cared, heh heh.

3 more days of leave left. Need to make the most of it.


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