Monday, February 13, 2006

In Short

Rather time-challenged, but figured I'd post something while I'm logged on doing work of some sort.

Jamie Cullum Live In Singapore

If you haven't bought tickets yet, shame on you. ;)

He's THE jazz performer to catch. Yes, Michael Buble's terrific, and Peter Cincotti is gorgeous to watch, but Jamie has unbelievable energy, and never fails to blow my mind with his on-stage genius. I've watched his performances at various televised events like a Ray Charles tribute, the Swarovski Fashion Rocks concert, and the DVD special of his Blenheim show. However, in person, this dude is electrifying.

Don't forget how he turned a simple showcase in Singapore in 2004 into an impromptu 90-min full-throttle extravaganza, despite the small venue and free tickets ( handed out to industry execs and contest winners ). I thought he went the extra mile with that effort, and can't possibly imagine what's in store at the Singapore Expo come April.

Will I be meeting him in person? Umm, yes, actually that's been arranged. Heh heh. :)

American Idol 5 - The Hot Picks

Patrick Hall -- a skinny 27-year-old who sang "If" during the next round of auditions in Hollywood. Beautiful voice!

Kevin Corvais -- 17-year-old bespectacled nerd, but with pipes that exceed Josh Groban's. Wow, wow, wow.

Taylor Hicks -- prematurely grey-haired 29-year-old from Alabama who gave me goosebumps when he auditioned in Las Vegas, singing Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come, followed by a dead-on ( pun unintended ) impersonation of Ray Charles. In Hollywood, he wowed the judges yet again with his powerful, unique tone. Lots of stage presence too. Even Simon Cowell couldn't help smiling.

Katharine McPhee -- lovely brunette with an equally mesmerizing voice. She has amazing lung power, with an ability to sing multiple verses without taking a breath, plus hitting all the high notes effortlessly. Most impressive.

The Buried Secret Of M. Night Shyamalan

If you have cable, please check your HBO listings for the next repeat telecast.

I found out AFTER catching the movie that reviews were absolutely dismal across the board, but I dunno, I really loved this film, still do, and would be happy to put it right up there with my personal Top 5 favourites.

It's probably best that I don't reveal too much -- spoilers ++ -- but hey, I'd love to discuss its merits and de-merits with anyone who's interested, so post a comment if you've seen it.

I will say this though -- I found it compelling, hilarious and downright spine-chilling at times. That, in itself, has got to count for some excellent film-making, don't you think?

Strange Email

Someone asked me to submit an application for upcoming auditions for a horror film being shot locally. It's called Stay & Die ( catchy ). Yeah, like I'm interested. The title needs reworking.

More ER Issues

To follow in the next post. Frustrating beyond frustrating.

Straits Times Boo-Boo

Been meaning to write about this, but forgot ( that's how much attention I pay to the paper, haha ).

Anybody recall a piece they did about TTSH's "first in the region" handphone system for all its doctors? They made a huge thing about it being a pilot effort, how no other hospital does it, etc.

Erm, do any of the reporters realize Singhealth did the same thing at least 6 months ago?

Tsk tsk.

I guess this is what happens when the reporters have no friends in the Eastern cluster. Heh heh heh.

Last But Not Least

I finally ordered something from Amazon, hah!

Got a cool Chris Botti CD titled To Love Again, featuring fantastic duets with Sting, Gladys Knight and Michael Buble ( the last sings Let There Be Love, which turned me to mush ).

The other is Peter Cincotti's Live In New York DVD. It sounds like a concert recording, but actually isn't. It's more of a collection of music videos, but has Peter banging the piano on a NY street near his old neighbourhood, with his band and a few extras close by. I enjoyed it, of course ( great music, nice setting, Peter's mega-watt smile :)), but am still hoping for a proper 'live' concert release in the near future.

In the meantime, will eagerly await his next album, due out mid-2006. Hope he includes the cover of Cry To Me. It will blow your socks off, I guarantee it.

More this weekend if I find the energy.

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