Thursday, November 02, 2006

Special Announcement

Just doing my part to help drum up support for the Singapore Medical Association's collaboration with Club Rainbow.

Called the Rainbow-of-Hope Doctors' Pledge, proceeds will help fund a new Club Rainbow Family Care Centre and efforts to extend support to more than 500 needy children.

One of the highlighted perks is double tax exemption. And you can donate via cheque or credit card ( the latter allows for accumulation of points ).

Just bear in mind that there's a deadline -- 15 November ( next Wednesday ).

Response has been encouraging, but the medical community can certainly do better, and no amount goes unappreciated.

So... hope you'll find it in your heart to make a contribution to this worthy cause.
Just download the form, fill it up and fax it to the number provided.

Thanks. :)

Ahh, Venice

Did I mention that I was really disappointed by the place when I visited last year?

But reading John Berendt's exquisite memoir, The City Of Falling Angels, brings back fond ( if grime-covered ) memories, and only because Berendt is a writer of the highest class.

He remains at the top of my list of favourite authors, and for good reason. I admire his dedication ( he's churned out only 2 novels within the past decade ), and always find myself smiling or chuckling at his uncanny ability to capture human quirks with an ingenious choice of words and a flair for great comedic timing.

Highly recommended, but not when you're cramming for an exam. ( Yikes, haha. )

Tokyo Awaits

Itinerary settled.

Poster being printed.

I'm darn excited.

Photos once I return.

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