Thursday, May 31, 2007

American Idol #6

In the wake of Jordin's yawn-inducing victory, I found myself honestly disappointed.

Sure, she can sing, but did she win simply because Blake screwed up his one big chance at securing the title?

He chose the wrong song -- Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved, out of a repertoire of so many other great pieces ( e.g. Harder To Breathe, The Sun, Secret ); he went off-key too many times for comfort ( yikes ); he lost some of his infectious spunkiness ( ?stage nerves ). All of which contributed to a poor rendition of whatever-the-title-of-the-last-song-is, a mistake that hammered the nail into his coffin, so to speak.

Jordin's little voice-break at the end of that same number also helped garner votes, I'm sure. Nice touch there.

Well congratulations, Jordin. You've got talent, but it remains to be seen whether you're actually star material.

On The Lot

If you want to see what REAL STRESS is like -- at least in Reality TV Land -- this takes the cake.

In the pilot episode alone, 50 aspiring film-makers from around the world stay up for 3 straight days completing tough assignments running the gamut from making a pitch to cutting 2.5-minute shorts within a 24-hour period to writing mini-scripts and shooting a segment within an hour.

I think I missed a few of the follow-ups, thinking it's a weekly thing, so the latest episode had the group already whittled down to 18. Gah!

Being a huge TV and film buff, this is a show I enjoy immensely, for its breathless pacing, sharp editing and creative concepts.

There's this geeky guy named Zach who's a whiz at special effects and consistently wows the judges with his unbelievable set pieces. How does he do it?!

Stay tuned, and you won't regret it. :)

p.s. Looks like our sole Singaporean candidate has been eliminated. Darn.

[ Star Movies Channel 58 daily for alternating 1- or 2-hour snippets. ]

Work Related

My last post elicited quite a few comments -- thank you for that ( urgh included :)).

No time to write much at the moment, but I will be on leave for a few days next week, so hang in there, urgh!

In brief summary, things have settled down somewhat ( though the ambulance diversions haven't abated, I still get inundated by numerous patient reviews and can't fully depend on quite a few MOs just yet ). On the upside, we've identified a few A-grade contenders. On the downside... well, shall leave that to another day.

Time for lunch, then an afternoon shift awaits.

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