Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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I like the name of this one. :)

Update -- Course Day 3

Didn't realize attending lectures and tutorials the whole day can be so tiring.

Or maybe it's because I'm feeling very relaxed. Zero adrenaline equals major lethargy. Plus the air-conditioning and regular food inputs. Extremely conducive to dozing.

Not complaining! Anything's better than seeing patients, haha. :)

Interestingly enough, this stats and epidemiology stuff is essentially a rehash of our med school COFM lectures, which I'm sure all of us have completely forgotten by now.

Good way for the department to earn money. $1000 for 5 days, MINUS lunch, MINUS parking concession.

Make sure you attend it before you turn Associate Consultant. Or else getting sponsorship will be hell.

Brothers & Sisters

There's a new drama series on Channel 5 every Monday night at 11pm.

It's got Oscar winner Sally Field and Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart, playing mother and daughter in a dysfunctional family of -- let's see -- 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

Lots happens in the first 2 episodes alone -- major arguments and tear-shedding, dad dies of a heart attack, the family business is in jeopardy from embezzling of pension funds, an adulterous affair revealed.

What saves this series from melodrama purgatory is the acting, which is damn solid.

The latest episode, for example, featured a gut-wrenching scene where Sally Field's character screams at her youngest son, Justin, for being such a disappointment despite being so privileged. He, in turn, says extremely hurtful things which reduce her to bitter tears.

At one point, her voice breaks as she tells him, "You spoiled, ungrateful child!", which actually brought tears to my eyes.

Maybe it's because I'm very familiar with the concept of familial conflict and have learned to appreciate my relatives much more as I grow older.

Anyway, it's a GREAT piece of work, and highly recommended.

I can blog from the COFM lab computer. Yay! :)

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