Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photos Part 2

I know I promised to write about the Chippendales, but alas, I have no time -- again. ( See a recurring pattern here? Argh. )

Perhaps things will get better next weekend, after I finish a hefty proposal application.

In the meantime, enjoy. :)

More from New York

I'm deeply saddened by the stagehand strike on Broadway. A friend of mine who stays near the area describes how dark the streets are now that most theatres have shut down, including Jersey Boys.

She had tickets for November 14th, but the show got cancelled. Worst part is, John Lloyd Young's last day with JB is November 21st, and all tickets are sold out till then. I feel for you, L. But like your friend said, the understudy's pretty good, so just go see it!

The next time I visit, I'll see JB again for sure. :)

[ click on the images to enlarge ]

Check out the Naked Cowboy, a regular fixture at Times Square, dressed only in his white Stetson and tight briefs. A tour guide claims he makes US$65,000 a year just by standing there and posing for pictures! Makes you wonder why any of us bother going to school, haha.

This isn't the best picture I have of Times Square, but I like the fact that there's a dude dressed up as the Statue of Liberty standing in the middle there.

There're usually loads of other costumed characters hanging around, especially at the Virgin Megastore ( which I really enjoyed! ). I met Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, and Jason from Friday the 13th, just to name a few. They love to invite the tourists over for photos, which I find amusing ( you know, having a horror film icon beckon to you -- kinda creepy, haha ).

Here's one of the very lovely Central Park.

This is Bethesda Fountain Terrace, which isn't the easiest to find since the Park has almost no signage ( unlike our Botanical Gardens with all their arrows every few metres ).

This is a pretty famous spot and has been featured many times in various films, with the most recent one being The Producers ( Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane run around the terrace in an early scene ).

We visited on a beautiful Sunday morning, so there were lots of people taking walks, jogging, picnicking, busking ( a saxophonist played jazz ).

Ahhh.... :)

And as promised, a shot of Jennifer Garner,

I took this outside the stage door after the play. Didn't get there fast enough to be in the front row, and the people standing in front of me were really tall, so I basically raised my arm and clicked at random. Guess it's pure luck that I got this pretty decent picture. :)

She hung around for about 10 minutes, signing a lot of playbills ( my arm wasn't long enough so I didn't get her autograph, darn ), talking to some hard-core Alias fans who shouted "Rambaldi!" a few times ( she loved that! ), even hugging one young man for a cheek-to-cheek photo op.

Funny thing is, when I first arrived in NY and was waiting for my luggage at JFK International Airport, I experienced this sudden jolt which told me I'd see a few celebrities during the trip. This was before I even knew Cyrano was holding previews. Weird, but cool. :)

Next entry: the Chippendales ( I promise :)).

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