Saturday, December 22, 2007

Time For A Few More Photos

Hoover Dam

The biggest thrill I get from having visited this historic landmark is knowing that Transformers was filmed here. :)

Only found out about it after I returned home and rented the DVD, of course. But you should've seen me when I spotted the dam's unmistakable towers in one pivotal scene: I was post-call but jolted wide awake. Huge adrenaline rush! :D

As you can see, it really is a remarkable structure, with the cream- / grey-coloured buildings contrasting strikingly with the turqoise waters of Lake Mead.

Weather-wise, it's positively cooking out there in typical desert fashion. Dry, dusty and cancer-inducing. I got a major sunburn, but didn't mind it one bit. :)

At least there's an occasional breeze from the lake to alleviate the discomfort.

One rather surprising finding: it's relatively quiet even though the place was packed with tourists and there was quite a bit of road traffic passing through.

A half-day trip is more than sufficient. Rent Transformers for a more complete tour. ( But pay no attention to the kooky storyline, which is totally untrue, though kinda fun :))

The Grand Canyon

... truly lives up to its name.

Again, super-hot and super-dry, but awe-inspiring in so many ways.

We visited the West Rim, where the newly constructed Skywalk is located, with a tour company run by the Shanghainese fellow who helmed the project.

The round trip took about 12 hours, and guess what -- the helicopter ride costs extra!

But it's an experience worth paying for. It's approximately 8 minutes each way, and you get spectacular views for dramatic aerial shots.

This is one such example -- notice the slightly skewed angle.

Here's a picture taken at the bottom of the Canyon. The water was muddy that day, but it's a lot cooler down below, which was nice.

Yet another illustration of God's great hand in this world we inhabit. But I still prefer the grand mountain ranges and vast, crystal clear lakes of New Zealand. :)

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