Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Very Pleasant Surprise

The package was sent to the SMA, but later redirected to my home.

Inside: 2 personally autographed photos of John Lloyd Young, with one specially addressed to me.

The biggest surprise: a handwritten card from JLY, thanking me for the letter I sent ( in early November ). He also mentioned other comments I made, and clearly read every single thing I wrote, because he quoted remarks which I'd scattered throughout various sections of the missive.

I was - and still am - very touched by this personal and kind gesture. While my timing may have been fortunate ( he received the letter after finishing his run on Jersey Boys ), I just can't believe how much he truly appreciates his fans ( especially one living 20,000 miles away ).

His card ended with the reason he sent me the autographed photos: "since you couldn't say hello at the stage door".

Wow, I am officially floored! Thanks so much! I'm a fan for life. :)

Here're the Internet versions of the pictures he sent ( right ).

And just for reminiscing's sake, a link to a Jersey Boys performance, featuring JLY himself.

TV Update

New legal thriller: Damages, starring Glenn Close. Premieres tonight at 10pm on AXN, and nominated for 4 Golden Globes. Looks very promising.

The return of: American Idol season 7. Isn't it amazing how past winners ( and runners-up ) haven't included even one single gorgeous chap? Would be a nice change to see a good-looking all-American dude take the title for once.

Book Update

Just completed: More Twisted by Jeffery Deaver. Much better than Twisted; highly recommended.

Next on the list: Cracking More Cases by Dr. Henry Lee. There's a reason I'm reading then reviewing this. If you stay tuned to the SMA News, you'll soon see why. :)

New Year Update

Just a week into 2008, and I've already offended readers of my blog. A new record! :)

No, of course I derive no pleasure from that ( unless it's someone named "urgh", haha :)). But I've resolved to keep writing, so visit at your own peril.

There's lots to do this year, one of which is planning for my overseas fellowship, the duration of which is still undetermined.

Location is a no-brainer though -- Manhattan, where else? :)

More next time...

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