Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Conflict Of Interest

Initially contemplated adding a question mark to the above, but then again, I'm not really asking for opinions here, just merely thinking aloud.

This is a rare occurrence, but it's happening again after years of inactivity.

There's a medical officer whom I'm sort of interested in, but I have no intention of taking any action.

For the sake of preserving his identity ( and also to save myself from major embarrassment ), I can't provide specific details.

However, he's one of our star performers, and that is certainly one of the main reasons I like him so much.

He's also currently unattached - a nugget of info learned during a totally unrelated conversation with someone else.

I'm his senior by a few years age-wise, but outrank him considerably work-wise.

Somehow, it just doesn't feel very appropriate to pursue the matter. Plus, I may end up scaring him off ( although we actually get along well and I've never once reprimanded him because he's THAT good ).

Oh well, that's life. :)

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