Thursday, September 04, 2008


A quick check with the Singapore Airlines website's Krisworld page brought a huge smile to my face.

One of their featured blockbusters this month is none other than Indiana Jones 4.

"How appropriate," I thought, grinning. After all, Dr. Jones has visited the country I'm heading to ( and, might I add, that particular film is my favourite from the franchise so far ).

Paperwork's in place, payments are settled, and errands in the process of being completed. This trip is considered brief by my standard ( the USA was a marathon compared to this ), but I'm sure it's going to be the most exciting to date!

:) :) :)

In Other News...

Lots going on at Perez Hilton's website, with loads of coverage of the Sarah Palin scandal. I didn't catch her speech though -- wonder if she's really as good as they say?

I have a bad feeling that McCain's going to win. Possibly because the majority of Americans may not be comfortable with a black President ( my parents keep saying he may be assassinated ). But then, conservatives may reject Sarah Palin and vote for Obama.

Suspense, I love it!

Have to log off now. I have no idea whether I'll blog again before my flight, but get ready for some amazing photos when I return, 'cos I intend to take hundreds of them! :D

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