Friday, October 31, 2008

A Quick Entry

Caught Avenue Q last night ( preview performance, heavily discounted ticket prices ), and have this to say:


Was initially concerned about the Asian cast ( this being a Broadway import and all ), but the actors proved to be of an extremely high calibre, especially the 2 leads ( 1 male, 1 female ). I'm sorry I don't know their names, 'cos I didn't buy a programme, but the guy plays Princeton and Rod, while the lady plays Kate Monster and Lucy The Slut.

Get ready for an evening of irreverent humour, sans political correctness and subtlety. With songs titled If You Were Gay ( one of the best on the list ), Everyone's A Little Bit Racist, Schadenfreude ( listen for the punchline about Germans ), and The Internet Is For Porn ( the funniest of them all! ), this is one helluva rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, truly Sesame Street's evil, demented twin.

By the intermission, I guarantee you will find a personal favourite character ( mine's Rod - a Republican investment banker who's tormented by his homosexuality ), and laugh about the show's many hilarious antics ( Bad Idea Bears, a graphic puppet sex scene, and numerous corny puns ). I especially like the way they announced the intermission -- won't spoil the surprise here, but you'll be tickled pink. :D

My heartiest congratulations to the S'pore Repertory Theatre, who put up a jolly good show. Now if only they'd bring Jersey Boys and Spring Awakening to the Esplanade ( the latter has, sadly, closed its doors in NYC, apparently due to the economic recession ).

More Pictures

From the Temple of Luxor, by far the most beautiful of all the temples we visited in Egypt.

The columns are massive, as you can see, covered entirely with intricate hieroglyphic carvings. Every single one of them -- amazing.

Interesting how my photos are orange-hued, compared to the grey shade on the Net.

It was a balmy evening the day we dropped by. One of those moments that make you fully aware of life's many splendours, and mankind's astounding ingenuity.

A Treat For David Archuleta Fans

Singing a BEAUTIFUL hymn -- ahh, he should really consider releasing a Christian song album ( after doing a Christmas recording, that is :))

His debut LP will be released November 11th. And yes, of course I'll buy it.

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