Monday, February 02, 2009

Strange But True

Watched The Incredible Hulk and liked it. Quite a lot. Much better than Lee Ang's Hulk, which bored me to death.

Attribute this to the fine cast -- Edward Norton and Liv Tyler have great chemistry, Tim Roth is terrifying, and William Hurt unrecognizable ( though effectively stern ). Norton's fittingly vulnerable here, proving once again his impressive versatility ( just see Fight Club and American History X to experience that range firsthand ).

Also caught The Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Was a little apprehensive about the grown-up-son problem ( critics didn't think Brendan Fraser looked old enough to be dad to a 20-year-old guy ), but I disagree. While Fraser is admittedly boyish, the wrinkles do show, and Rick O'Connell is appropriately fatigued in this outing, leaving more of the action to his boy and the CGI team.
At least I didn't fall asleep, ridiculous as the plot may be. Still can't believe I dozed off during Hellboy II. That was weird!

Met my JC class and our ex-tutor at his home yesterday. 12 of us showed up ( 50% of the cohort ), with 3 spouses and 6 kids in tow. There were a few chaotic moments, as the children ran around and our tutor trailed behind wielding ang pows. Quite a sight!
Great catching up with everyone, who still look the same as 15 years ago. No-one seems to have gained significant weight, which I find amazing.

Last but not least, an annoying ( and rather moronic ) question from an MO-on-call the other night. Can't print it here or I'll give away the department for sure, but it's one of the dumbest queries to cross my path in a long time, and I can't decide whether to laugh or pull my hair out.
But I kept my temper in check, and got a second call from same MO, who later sheepishly reported positive findings.

By the way, Kumar's performing at the Esplanade. Bought my tickets! :)

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