Sunday, March 08, 2009

Photos and Videos from Jason Mraz's Concert

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A video clip of I'm Yours - from the Indoor Stadium gig ( one of many, naturally :)).

Here's one of Mr. Curiosity - the magical moment I was talking about. Get a load of the amazing bridge segment!

And... A Beautiful Mess, which just blew me away. ( Doesn't have the best view, but the sound quality's excellent, and that's what's most important. )

Bonus vids ( not from Singapore, sadly ): 'Live' performances of 2 of my favourite JM songs of all time - Love For A Child and Absolutely Zero. The latter is available on his concert DVD release, Tonight Not Again, which I think is phenomenal ( and one of the rare occasions where he's hat-less, haha. )
Haven't heard him sing these at the shows I've attended so far, but I'm not giving up just yet!

Plus, something REALLY surprising -- Jason singing Build Me Up Buttercup during his 2008 tour. Looks like he's wearing the same t-shirt from his Indoor Stadium show. :D
And... a few great duets: Shy That Way with Tristan Prettyman, Billie Jean with Dutch Idol, Nikki, and Details In The Fabric with James Morrison.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Spacefan, I am blown away that you are a Mraz fan like this noob doc-blogger! I was at this concert too, but on the other side of the stage. I had hoped for Love For A Child. Heh. Cheers!