Thursday, April 09, 2009


Bear with me, people. I've been a devoted Kevin Spacey fan for the longest time, and can't believe he replied to me today, multiple times in fact. :)

I figured out the trick: tweet him when he's online ( not texting from his phone ), and ask him questions that he's likely to answer ( though he does reply to a few strange / cheeky ones here and there ). Considering the 12-hour time difference ( I assume he's still in NYC ), it's pretty tough for those of us in the East. ( I am - you guessed it - on night shift, yet again. )

My questions are on my Twitter page, his responses on his.
He's getting about 1000 new followers A DAY. To get an idea of the message load he receives, use Twitter Search and type @KevinSpacey in the box.

Breaking news: he's open to touring with The Bridge Project! Although he did mention he's very busy at the moment, he hasn't said an outright no to the touring bit. Good news for those who can't travel to the US or London to see him on-stage.

Ahh, I'm on cloud nine right now. Haven't been there since meeting Jason Mraz. Both these guys have made my entire year. :)

Pay Hugh Jackman a visit on Twitter ( 1st entry made April 6th ). Hope he stays on even after the Wolverine press tour concludes.

And Speaking Of Jason Mraz

David Archuleta mentioned him in his Life! interview yesterday. Didn't even know David was in town. And why in the world did they put him in a Bugis shopping mall for his showcase? Thought he deserved better.

True Blood Premieres Tonight

On digital cable Channel 59. Looks extremely gory. Me likey. :)

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