Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Bridge Project 2010

I've been looking forward to this all year!

The official announcement is still pending, but I have a source from the Singapore Repertory Theatre confirming that the production will be in Singapore April 2010, and that ticket sales will start soon.

Sounds like only The Tempest will be staged here. No As You Like It? Darn...

By the way, the guy in the bottom left photo looks like the actor who played Dexter's serial killer older brother in season 1. Don't know his name, but hey, he's from Dexter! :)

Crazy Love

A quick review of Michael Buble's new album - it's good, but still can't quite compare to his debut release and follow-up It's Time. The latter really set the standard in terms of what Michael's capable of, so it's going to be tough to top that stellar effort.

Crazy Love has all the quintessential MB elements - big band numbers, swing, pop, covers and original compositions. Detractors will no doubt complain that a predictable formula is emerging, but that happens to lots of singers - though not to Jason Mraz, heh - and I'm more than happy to hear more of the same, as long as the repertoire and musical arrangements aren't below par.

Favourites on this CD include a smooth rendition of Georgia On My Mind, a dreamy tribute to the '50s on Stardust ( think Mr. Sandman ), a head-bobbing duet on Baby ( You've Got What It Takes ), and an upbeat cover of Some Kind Of Wonderful.

Michael always adds a little spring to my step. Have been blasting the album in my car, and beaming all the way to and from work. :)

Now if only he'll come to Singapore for a concert. It's way overdue!

A blog reader told me I sound angsty. Do I really? Think I've been sounding rather chirpy actually, at least in recent weeks.

The wedding dinner last night was saved by the good food. Love the drunken prawns, yum! Pity the event wasn't as cozy as it could've been. Also, there was lots of security on the ground floor. Some of the APEC delegates must still be around.

The best wedding dinner I've ever attended was at the Orchard Parade Hotel, where we dined on lobster and the creative programme added a lovely personal touch to the festivities. Wonder if my JC friend's upcoming nuptials at the Conrad next month will match that. Looking forward to meeting my old classmates again!

Before I sign off, a culinary recommendation: Watami Japanese Restaurant at Ion Orchard, #B3-23. Try the Sukiyaki Nabe set and all the desserts! The food is superb, and the prices more than reasonable.
No reservations though, so go early.

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Chin said...

Stumbled upon your blog looking for something else.

Thought I'd throw out a new title for you: if you've ever watched and liked Arrested Development, you should try to get your mitts on Modern Family. Same different but it's worth your time, better than most sitcoms (of which some may complain the networks are slowly choking them off)

Glad to read you're a fan of Glee too. Can't seem to impress upon other people to watch it. 'What's that? A musical on TV? E ewww'. Meh