Friday, April 02, 2010


The recent discovery of a treasure trove of online TV shows has finally propelled me to start subscribing to Megavideo. Unlimited access - no pesky 72-minute time limits - for what I consider a very reasonable fee.
First on the list: Nip/Tuck.

Am starting with season 2, though in all likelihood, I'll go through season 1 again at some point after I'm done with the rest.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this excellent series, its creator, the delightfully twisted Ryan Murphy, is also responsible for the big hit, Glee, which has been sweeping awards these past few months.

But in my opinion, Nip/Tuck is - and always will be - his crowning glory.

I began following the exploits of Drs. Sean McNamara and Christian Troy years ago, but stopped after season 2 or 3 when the time slots kept getting switched and I got distracted by other programmes.

Now, thanks to video-on-demand ( and more importantly, uncensored versions! ), I can tune in whenever I want, woohoo! :)

If you're a newbie, but share my love for dark humour, politically incorrect situations, gore and hot men ( medical jargon optional ), this is a must.

While Christian ( Julian McMahon, seated on the right ) is understandably portrayed as the obvious Lothario ( being single and shamelessly promiscuous, doctor-patient relationship be damned ), I'm much more drawn to Sean ( Dylan Walsh, left ), whose personal life is tonnes more tumultuous, and whose decisions are frequently unpredictable. Despite being viewed by many as a pillar of unwavering morality, he grapples with many hidden demons and occasionally makes Christian look like a saint.

The script is sharp and intelligent, poking fun at our aesthetic insecurities and serving up all sorts of uncomfortable scenarios ( Vanessa Redgrave makes her mark as a ravenous cougar ). The operating scenes are realistic enough to make even me squirm ( plastic surgery is barbaric! ). And yet, you'll also find yourself laughing hard at some of the more outrageous lines, before the realization that they're not really that outrageous after all smacks you sober.
There's also the enduring bro-mance between the 2 guys, transcending everything from professional rivalry to adultery and who knows what else ( I haven't seen every single episode, you know ). The complexity of their relationship is sinfully enjoyable.

Which actor do I prefer? McMahon may look like the clear winner, but nope, I much prefer Walsh. Sure, he may be the boyish one, often with a pained expression on his face and exuding an overwhelming sense of propriety, but I still recall one episode where a close-up suddenly made me sit up and notice his gorgeous blue eyes, and the emotions that lay behind them. It wasn't acting anymore. It was pretty freaking real.

Can't believe they're already at season 7. I can't wait to catch up! :D

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