Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bliss Part 25

Another crazy week has gone by. And when I say crazy, I mean ER patient attendances hitting 450 post National Day weekend. Ridiculous!

Coupled with one busy night shift and 2 others in P1 and P2, with no proper off day in between ( spent that teaching at an ultrasound workshop ), plus a tonne of travel preparations...

The result? A number of surgeon friends expressing concern about my "losing a lot of weight" and "looking damn tired".

Thank you, at least you noticed. Colleagues who see me everyday can't tell the difference.

Oh well, another week has gone by, and I'll be OUTTA HERE very very soon. :D

Hence the Bliss theme continues heh.

A couple of cool TV episodes to recommend:

True Blood season 3 episode 8 is so fan-freaking-tastic, it made me cry. Seriously.
Of course, it helps if you're a fan of the show and have been following it since the pilot.
Funny thing is, despite the violence, gore and ( sometimes gratuitous ) sex scenes, S3 has surpassed S1 and S2 in terms of script and character development.
There's a lot more wit, the cheesiness ( e.g. Bill and his melodramatic "Sookie!" proclamations ) has been toned down significantly, and previously secondary roles ( Eric in particular ) are now front and centre.
And need I say more about Franklin Mott? It really sounds like he's dead, but still makes erotic appearances in Tara's subconscious, with hilarious results.

Another GREAT series you really mustn't miss: The Closer.
Season 3, which currently airs on WarnerTV every Tuesday night, is sooooo unbelievably amazing.
Just caught Episode 6, one of the funniest yet ( there were a couple of great episodes in S2 as well ).
Again, a huge advantage if you're a loyal fan. I've developed great affection for all the characters, and their dynamic relationships make the experience that much more enjoyable.
Challenging cases, humourous dialogue, nefarious criminals and justice conquering all - this is as good as it gets, people.

Hmm, it appears that local cable has skipped episode 5 ?reason. Hallmark did the same thing with The Good Wife ( something concerning a cartoon that mocked the prophet Mohamed ). Should catch the online version sometime to find out why.

Off standby today but feeling gross. Still have to get a whole lot of errands done. Sigh...

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