Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

I've been festering in a cesspool of blue funk this past fortnight, and it would've taken nothing short of a miracle to lift me out of it.

So the fact that 3 miracles occurred within days of each other is, in my opinion, nothing short of divine intervention. :)

First and foremost, my scoring 2 passes to one of Kevin Spacey's appearances at the Audi A8 event.
Initially, it was a near impossible task, especially since I had no inkling about the campaign itself, until a pal sent me an SMS and gave me the shock of my life.

Next, wrangling for tickets with the general public just didn't cut it for me, so I sent someone an email and basically grovelled, but was politely told, "Sorry, I can't help you." Which I totally understand.

The big break came when I recalled receiving an envelope with the Audi logo in the letterbox earlier this week. It was addressed to my dad, but since we receive a lot of junk mail on a daily basis, we end up tossing most of these in the recycling pile.

I called my mum from work - yes, I was desperate - and she rummaged through the heap before ringing me back with the best news ever: it was indeed the invitation I was hoping for!

Quick email back to the Audi guy, who happily put me on the guest list, and sent me the confirmation the very next day.

No word on whether there'll be any Q&A, meet-and-greet or autograph-signing. Programme shows a 30-minute slot for the talk itself, followed by a dinner buffet.

But you can bet I'll try my DARNDEST to get close to Mr. Spacey. No, I'm not stalking the man. But surely you can imagine how eager I am to shake his hand and take a photo, if possible. I absolutely love his work, and think he's sexy as hell. :)

More to follow after the event itself!

As a tribute to Mr. S, videos of his priceless impersonations. ( If I get to ask him a question in person, I'll either request an impression, or a short song. :))

At the AFI.

My personal fave, from Inside The Actors Studio.

As for the other 2 miracles: tickets to Russell Watson and Michael Buble's concerts! :D

By the way, I finished Dexter Is Delicious a few days ago.
As usual, not the strongest in terms of detective work, but explored Dexter's conflicting emotions in-depth, with a most unexpected plot development in the last chapter.

I mean, I thought I'd gotten used to Jeff Lindsay's wacky ideas after 4 novels, but even I didn't see this coming! Bravo for that!

And the TV series? Season 5 episode 8 deserves an Emmy. Just for that one episode. It's that good.

I'm not kidding when I say that I love Dexter Morgan. Not in a romantic sense, of course, but in a sisterly way. When you follow a show this closely and start investing your personal feelings in its characters, you begin to care for them very deeply.

And Dexter, in all his bloodthirsty dysfunction, is one of my personal heroes.

Why am I highlighting S5 Ep 8? Because it combines impeccable writing with flawless acting, and seals the bond between Dex and survivor-turned-accomplice Lumen.
Dexter, as many fans would know, is a solitary creature when it comes to murder. His attempt at partnership in season 3 ( with a trigger-happy Assistant DA, no less ) ended in tragedy, so having him try this out a second time is definitely dicey.

However, the writers are so adept at developing his relationship with Lumen ( plus the utterly convincing acting from Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles ) that I never once doubt that they'll end up together.

*spoiler beware*

There's a scene where Lumen is attacked by a killer who recognizes her, and Dexter comes charging into the hotel room, strangling the scumbag until he loses consciousness and releases the poor woman.

It may seem routine to most viewers, but I found it extremely poignant. Dexter, with his propensity for cold, calculated violence, is also one of TV's kindest, most caring personalities.

There's also a conversation that discusses Dexter's motivation for killing.
D: Some people deserve to die.
Lumen: Is that what you believe?
D: Well, some people don't deserve to live.

If Michael C. Hall doesn't get an Emmy next year, someone's head needs to be chopped off!

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