Monday, April 04, 2011

Cloud Nine!

Actually, make that cloud nine hundred and ninety-nine! :D

For readers who aren't connected to me via Facebook, the reason for my euphoria is this: Mr. Spacey, whom I have been a huge fan of for around 15 years, personally replied to my fan letter, which I was lucky enough to hand to him during our short meeting at the Audi A8 launch last December.

( I'd end every sentence with an exclamation mark, but am exercising great restraint. :))

These are photos from one of his pre-Audi event press conferences, if you're wondering.

Mr. Spacey's letter was posted from The Old Vic Theatre in London, and reached my workplace within 10 days. I included my name card in the envelope I passed to him, you see. Efficient postal service! And thank goodness the precious missive was conveyed to me safely. It could've gotten lost in the whole heap!

First, I am awed by the fact that Mr. Spacey read my letter. He has an extremely hectic schedule, especially these past 4 months, jetting around for the awards season ( he executive-produced The Social Network ), then post-Oscars, continuing with numerous interviews, even hosting former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev's 80th birthday bash.

To be honest, I had no idea what would happen to my letter the night I presented it to him. Yes, he thanked me and put it in his jacket pocket, but I wouldn't have blamed anyone if it had gotten misplaced or forgotten, considering his whirlwind timetable and all that packing / unpacking.

So I am truly amazed that he still has the letter almost 4 months after receiving it. I can't imagine where he stored it before responding. :)

Second, the warmth and graciousness of his reply floored me completely. He thanked me for my 'kind letter' and for being 'thoughtful' for taking the time to write to him. I mean, this is what a fan should say to his / her idol, not the other way round!

Third, my letter was pretty long ( 1 full page, single-spaced, in rather small font ) and moderately gushy, but he definitely read the entire thing. Because he picked out a few paragraphs / sentences and addressed them directly. One of which is my question about whether he's met Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who's now residing in Singapore and avoiding all the reporters. Answer: yes, Mr. Spacey has indeed met Eduardo, and thinks he will continue to elude anyone who tries to get him to 'go on the record' ( that's a direct quote from Mr. Spacey, by the way ).

Fourth, he sounded apologetic about my fan mail package, sent in late 2008, not being acknowledged after such a long time. I've already emailed The Old Vic on 2 previous occasions, and we all agree that it probably got lost en route to London. But Mr. S said he'd look for it when he goes through the boxes in his office, because he intends to open every single one of them during his stint with The Bridge Project, at least when he's in London.

Actually, my 'package' is a manila envelope rather than a box. But it may be better if he doesn't find it, because I hope to thank him in person when he returns to Singapore to play Richard III, and this time, I will make sure to bring a proper gift of appreciation!

I received his letter just before my shift on April Fool's Day. People must've been wondering why I had a goofy smile on my face for 8 whole hours.

The smile's still there, just a little less goofy. :)

So Mr. Spacey, if you read this, a big THANK YOU for the wonderful gesture. :D

Other happy news: I have confirmed tickets for 2 Broadway shows, booked 6 months in advance! Orchestra level, centre block aisle, for about US$140 each. A steal, in my opinion, since I paid more than double for Jersey Boys ( but of course, those were in the premium section, because all the shows were otherwise sold out ).

Which 2, you ask? The Book Of Mormon, and the Daniel Radcliffe musical ( with the loooong title ). If I could have my way, I'd watch one show every single night, but my mum's worried about jet lag, so she's asked me to restrict myself. For now. Fear not, I shall continue to wear her down. :P

Before I sign off, a link to Casino Jack, one of Mr. Spacey's recent releases, and a role for which he received a Golden Globe nomination.

Have a good week!

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David Seow said...

Have a fantastic trip to New York. I want to go there and I haven't been there in looong, loong time. I want to go so badly but my Mom thinks it's too dangerous. Hey, she's the one who rode the subway with my sis in law after a broadway play. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time. Have a safe trip.