Friday, August 12, 2011

Mad About Improv-a-ganza!

Just a short post about a show I'm currently addicted to, and which I'd like to rave about. :)

I've been a fan of Drew Carey's for many years, since his Drew Carey Show and Whose Line Is It Anyway days. Was a little bummed when he became the host of The Price Is Right, but hey, he hasn't forgotten his comedy roots after all!

Can't exactly recall how I found out about Improv-a-ganza, but wasted no time in downloading online episodes. There're about 40, and I'm currently at Ep 23. And I still can't get enough of the guys. :D

If you've never watched Carey's improv series before, you're in for a huge treat! The "games" are creative and often really tough, and the cast is absolutely top-notch. Ryan Stiles and Carey are the current regulars, with Whose Line veterans Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie dropping in on and off.

Other standouts include Jonathan Mangum ( adorably boyish despite being 40 years old, wow! ), Brad Sherwood ( as goofy as ever ) and Chip Esten ( the best-looking of the lot :)).

I, however, have latched onto Jeff Davis, also a Whose Line alumnus, who now features much more prominently on Improv-a-ganza.

[ note: There're LOTS of people named Jeff Davis, so if you want to Google search, type "Jeff Bryan Davis". You're welcome. :) ]

As I was saying, I am positively OBSESSED with JD. The turning point was this sound effects segment from episode 3, about 2 garbage collectors.
YouTube doesn't have the full clip, but all the best parts are in there. The first time I saw it, I almost died laughing. No, I'm not exaggerating. :D

Here's another fabulous clip! Things to take note of:

1) Drew Carey is a whiz at picking volunteers ( you will notice this when you watch the entire series );

2) The older women are a lot hornier than the younger ones. Yeah! :)

3) The guys doing the serenading love to play up the cougar factor. To illustrate, check out this Jeannie clip, lol. :D

4) JD flirts outrageously with the ladies, regardless of their age, and boy, do they reciprocate! Watch the Song For Pam video closely and you'll see the woman practically drooling over him. I know exactly how she feels, heh! :)

5) Skits are best appreciated if you understand the terminology - "carpet matches the curtains", "swingers", etc. The songs are actually damn dirty, but the guys are experts at utilizing euphemisms. Bravo!

Another superb clip is from BBC TV, with my other favourite, Jonathan Mangum. Hilarious!

Shall let you chew on these for now. More to follow in my next post. :)

As my upcoming U.S. trip draws near, I'm bummed out about the end of Catch Me If You Can's Broadway run. No idea why it's going to stop after about only 6 months on stage, despite Norbert Leo Butz's Tony win. Was really looking forward to seeing it!

On the plus side, I have an opportunity to see Kevin Spacey in San Francisco, because Richard III will open while I'm there. So what if I'm already going to watch it twice in Singapore? I'm always game for theatre overseas, hopefully at a beautiful and historic venue, with a crowd that at least understands what's going on.

[ Have attended enough local events to say that most "theatregoers" here are clueless. For pete's sake, read up before you go to the damn show! ]

I'm still hunting for a musical to take Catch Me's place though. Or maybe a play... Philip Seymour Hoffman and Alan Rickman are starring in a couple of fall productions, but these will likely open after I've left New York. Sigh.

Till next time.

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