Sunday, May 27, 2012

10 Years And Counting

This entry comes about 10 days early, but considering my upcoming schedule, I thought it best to write something early rather than late.

It's the first time I'm celebrating a blog anniversary, so it seems appropriate to start at the very beginning.

When I first began blogging, it was a hobby more than anything else. I just wanted something to divert my attention from work, which was stressful and at times downright depressing.

I remember being an orthopaedics MO in June 2002, often sequestered in the emergency department's plaster room for 24 hours, or doing wards rounds and assisting in theatre, none of which I enjoyed.

It was all part of a bigger plan, of course. I wanted to be an emergency physician, and rotations were an essential part of the training. Somehow, venting on the Internet helped ease the journey, and for some strange reason, I developed a small following not long after the site was launched.

Looking back, the past decade has been truly amazing. Yes, I grouch and bitch a lot, but hey, I completed my training, passed the exit exam, and turned consultant in 2010. I found my calling in emergency ultrasound, and now have so many teaching and administrative commitments I seldom have enough free time to sleep or engage in meaningful recreational activities ( TV and swimming don't count ).

I've also travelled quite a bit, finally fulfilling long simmering dreams to see countries I'd only read or heard about since childhood. I now count New York as my favourite city, followed by Paris and Tokyo. However, every trip has been a blessing, and I look forward to more. :)

The other major milestones? Definitely celebrity encounters. 2004 kickstarted the cycle when Jamie Cullum grabbed my hand during an impromptu moment at his showcase at a nightclub. Since then, my luck and persistence have paid off abundantly in the form of meet-and-greets with Michael Buble ( 2005 ), Peter Cincotti ( 2005 and 2008 ), Jason Mraz ( 2009 ), Kevin Spacey ( 2010 and 2011 ), Jonathan Groff ( 2011 ) and David Foster ( 2011 ).

Kevin Spacey, in whose honour this blog is named, remains a source of inspiration after 15 years. I will always be grateful for his reply to my fan letter in early 2011, and although I have yet to hear from him since his November '11 visit to Singapore ( fan letter and donation to his foundation successfully handed over ), I remain supportive and hopeful of a return trip in the near future.

In addition, special mention goes to all the new friends I've met through the blog, from a local doctor based overseas, to a friend's brother's younger sis who's become a great pal, to a fellow emergency physician at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital who was instrumental in introducing me to a world-renowned professor.

Last but not least, I have not forgotten the SARS saga, which I charted on this site that fateful year, conveying the local medical community's many struggles to a global audience that shared our pain and offered prayers daily.

It was a humbling experience, though one I hope will never repeat itself. But the seeds have been sown, and despite my chronic procrastination, rest assured that I have made progress in my writing efforts, and that I will accomplish what I set out to do many years ago, no matter what it takes.

So thank you for reading; thank you for accompanying me on this journey; there's much more on the way. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just a fellow Singaporean who accidentally stumbled upon this blog. I've never come across any Singaporean ER doctor who has the time nor inclination to blog. Yours is the first. This blog is actually quite interesting. I'm curious about one thing though - are you married?

spacefan said...

Wow, that's direct!

It's okay, I don't mind. I'm single. Which explains why I have time to blog and watch TV and read and meet celebrities haha. :)

Chas said...

but your travels have not yet taken you to the only alpha world city better than new york? this is the year to come you know, we have just had the queens diamond jubilee and london 2012 is just about to start! dont get me wrong, i love nyc too, but i have never seen london buzzing like this before, its gonna be an awesome summer! in fact, if you come over now, ill take you through right from the cabin door as it opens (im a london 2012 olympic volunteer with airside clearance!)...

travels aside, congrats on making 10 years! you have clearly done better than me, gave mine up after just a couple, but its gonna be resurrected soon...

and you had better watch out for that first commenter... lol

spacefan said...

Hey Chas, great to hear from you after such a long time!

And thanks for keeping up with my blog. As you can see, your site's link is still up here. Didn't realize you stopped updating in 2004, oops. :)

I'm actively avoiding London this year because of the Olympics, but I hope to visit in 2013. Haven't been there since 1994 so I'm sure it's changed a lot.

Will make sure to contact you when my travel plans are more definite. If I forget, then please email me a reminder. Would be great to meet a fellow ED physician in the UK. :D

Chas said...

but if you come next year, youll miss everything! this is THE year to be in london! plus i dont know how much longer theyll let us run amok airside at heathrow... among the olympic games family ive taken in so far has been a member of the singapore womens table tennis team!