Friday, June 13, 2014

More Viewing Bliss!

I take immense pleasure in writing today's entry, because I'm reviewing a film which is so incredible it's shot up my list of all-time favourite movies, hitting #2.

It is second only to Dead Poets Society ( which may never be dethroned ), and also ranks as my fave animated film, kicking Pixar's very worthy Finding Nemo to runner-up position ( sorry, Nemo, you've been up there long enough :)).

It is, of course, none other than How To Train Your Dragon 2. It just opened officially at cineplexes yesterday, but for some reason, was locally available for previews a week earlier ( not the usual midnight / weekend shows, mind you, but throughout the entire day ).

I couldn't pass up the chance, after being blown away by the 2010 original - which I saw at home much later, 'cos I knew nothing about the books it was based on.

The impact it made on me was tremendous. Everything came together so perfectly, from the script to the visual effects. I even forgave the ridiculous accent discrepancies ( Hiccup and his friends sound American, while the adults are Scots!? ) because the vocal performances were so wonderful. John Powell's score made the whole movie soar ( and reduced me to tears multiple times ), and the beautiful bond between boy and dragon - the beating heart of this masterpiece - moved me beyond description.

After 4 looooong years, I was - like millions of fellow fans around the world - DYING to catch the sequel. But I also shared the apprehension expressed by many. Would part 2 be able to reproduce its predecessor's magic? Could anything possibly top the awesomeness of part 1? And should we leave the tissues at home, or bring a box of them?

The happy answers to these questions are yes, YES, and definitely a box!

The following paragraphs include a few spoilers, so you've been warned. If you prefer not to read on, then take my advice and GO WATCH THE SHOW IMMEDIATELY. Then come back and finish the rest of this entry. :)

I don't read the HTTYD books so I can't comment on how faithful the movies are to the original stories. I'm quite certain liberties were taken by the producers and writers, but fortunately, the results are stellar.

So much is packed into 90 minutes, I was horrified when my bladder started acting up in the last 20, and practically sprinted to and from the toilet, making it back just in time to see the final, spectacular showdown between good and evil.

But I digress. What I'm actually pointing out is that the allotted 1.5 hours are super-efficiently utilized, making me ponder why most Hollywood films these days insist on exceeding the 2 - or sometimes 2.5 or 3 - hour mark, causing viewer fatigue ( though I admit there's better value for money ).

I realize cartoons rarely cross the 100-minute mark for obvious reasons ( try wrangling a restless kid in the theatre ), but with the majority of mediocre animated fare that gets churned out every few weeks or months, a release like HTTYD effortlessly towers over the rest of the pack.

Like all sequels, it obviously has to go bigger - more dragons, more jaw-dropping flying and battle scenes, new characters and conflicts. Hiccup and gang are 5 years older and look great ( the former even has fine stubble on his chin, with lots of close ups for the teenage girls in the audience :)). Hiccup's long lost mother reappears ( voiced by the lovely Cate Blanchett ). A motley crew of dragon hunters threatens the peaceful creatures' survival, and the villain is appropriately vile.

Last but not least, Hiccup and Toothless' relationship ( calling it a simple "friendship" wouldn't do it justice ) is tested once more - or more accurately, twice - when Hiccup has to find a way to save his beloved companion from a powerful enemy.

While HTTYD 2 has all the requisite ingredients for guaranteed box office success, much credit goes to director Dean DeBlois ( who also helmed Part 1 and co-wrote both screenplays ). Because we all know execution is key.

DeBlois strikes a perfect balance in every scene, letting it run long enough to keep us enthralled but not too long to cause distraction. The funny segments are hugely entertaining, but he truly excels when poignance takes centrestage. And there are many such moments scattered throughout the film, mostly involving Hiccup, his parents and Toothless. Inducing tears is one thing, but my heart was literally bursting out of my chest! I was so profoundly moved, especially during the last 15 minutes when Toothless' full strength was revealed, and his deep love for Hiccup gloriously displayed.

Finding Nemo came close in this respect, but HTTYD 2 surpasses even that.

Adults will have no difficulty appreciating its mature themes. As for the kids, I hope that 5-10 years down the road, they will watch this again and find new things to love.

Fellow fans rejoice! Because HTTYD 3 has been announced, and will hit the big screen in 2016 ( only 2 more years instead of 4 woohoo! ). Hiccup will be the big chief ( and probably married to Astrid ), and I have a strong feeling about Part 3 including a story arc about Toothless finally discovering another of his kind. A mate, perhaps? I'm getting goosebumps! :D

Before signing off, I'd also like to mention another reshuffle in my fave movies list.
After a recent repeat viewing of Independence Day, I've decided to place it at #3 - indeed, just below HTTYD 2.

I admit it's a little shocking, because the previous top contenders mostly comprised serious material ( e.g. The English Patient ). Perhaps HTTYD 2 hit a nerve, but I found myself beaming ecstatically just a few days ago, despite having seen Independence Day countless times these past 20 years. I was most struck by how it's remained so thrilling after 2 decades, bringing together a superb cast ( I still have the biggest crush on Bill Pullman, who is IMHO the best big-screen American President ever ), a rousing story, eye-popping visual effects and some of the most spectacular action sequences in existence, to create a work of art which I never tire of.

And that, I suppose, is the main reason for my current top 3 selections - they're all terrific movies, but more crucially, ones I can watch again and again without losing interest. Plus, they beautifully illustrate life's various ups and downs, teach important values, and boast satisfying, memorable ( though imperfect ) endings.

My writing aspirations are on hold for now, but if I ever get round to penning something ( hopefully before I become too old and tired ), these will be my gold standard. I'm not saying I can match them - please, my ego isn't THAT inflated! - but I will certainly keep their good points in mind for any story I consider.

I do wish I could see HTTYD 2 again at the cineplex, but alas, I'm too busy. And I thought seniority would bring more free time. Turns out it's the exact opposite...

Comments about HTTYD 2 are greatly welcomed. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts with me! :)

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