Thursday, November 21, 2002

Today's post will be a little haphazard. Just finished rounds, and I've got some quiet time to myself, so thought I'd share an introspective moment. :)

Just finished reading this month's issue of Reader's Digest, and there's a brainteaser segment on the last page which really proved how one-tracked my mind is. Here're a few examples:
1) How many animals of each sex did Moses take on his Ark?
Answer: It was Noah, not Moses.
2) Which is correct to say: "The yolk of the egg is white." or "The yolk of the egg are white."?
Answer: Neither, the yolk of the egg is yellow, not white.
I answered both wrongly. Duh! :D

Another worthwhile exercise is making lists of top 10 favourite things for each of your 5 senses, ie. sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste. So just off the top of my head, I'll compose my lists now. Comments are most welcome.

1. My cat purring
2. The voices of Josh Groban, Russell Watson, and most recently, Mario Frangoulis ( thought I'd put this all under 1 entry and leave myself a few extra choices )
3. Side-splitting laughter ( preferably my own :))
4. "La Campanella" by Franz Liszt, being played ( competently, of course ) on the piano
5. Nigel Kennedy and Itzhak Perlman playing anything on their violins
6. The sound of the ocean
7. Children at play
8. Kevin Spacey saying, "" in "The Buddy Factor
9. A completely silent pager ( even better if I happen to be on call at the time! )
10. Prayer ( be it in a church or a Buddhist temple )

1. The Great Ocean Road in Melbourne
2. A gorgeous lake in Hever Castle in the outskirts of London
3. My cat fully stretched out in contented slumber
4. Sleeping babies
5. A scene from "The Legend of Bagger Vance", where Will Smith strolls along a beach at sunset, then does a little jig upon hearing that Matt Damon's character had won the golf championship.
6. A photo I took in Perth, of 2 wild dolphins suspended in mid-air as they leapt out of the ocean.
7. Another photo, this time of Loch Lomond, covered in a thin cloud of mist, on a cold rainy day.
8. Robbie Williams in concert
9. Michael Ball during any of his performances
10. When any of my patients improve, open their eyes, and smile at me. :)

1. Laksa
2. Anything my mom cooks
3. The ocean
4. A rose covered in morning dew
5. "White Linen" from Estee Lauder
6. "Light Blue" from Dolce & Gabbana
7. Books ( both old and new )
8. Freshly washed clothes
9. The Mezza9 kitchen -- sit in the right place and it's pure heaven
10. Rain

Taste ( my favourite! ) :
1. Laksa
2. A juicy ribeye steak
3. Sashimi dipped in wasabe and soya sauce
4. Pinot Noir
5. Champagne
6. Root Beer
7. Pasta from Sketches at Robertson Walk ( bring breath mints! )
8. Roast beef I once ate at Penshurst Castle in the outskirts of London in 1994 ( yes, it's that fantastic! )
9. Warm apple pie on a windy day ( ate this on a patio in the Yarra Valley, Melbourne -- most enjoyable! )
10. The Mushroom Swiss burger from Burger King

As for the last category -- that of touch -- I can't think of more than 3, so I'll leave that alone for now. So try this out for yourself, and see if the entries surprise you. Have fun!

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