Wednesday, December 31, 2003

3:40am New Year's Eve morning. I'm feeling okay, though my appetite's still about 60% normal. It's been a good shift so far. Not that relaxed, but I like the people who are on call with me, and we're just hanging out together like a bunch of old pals. :)

Here's something I just found. Kinda strange seeing my name on an expat website. Wonder when this occurred?

Review of my blog on

They wrote some nice things though. Greatly appreciated! :D

I've intubated 2 old fellas so far, both of whom had a combination of heart failure, asthma and maybe pneumonia all rolled into one nice thick mixture. I wore the spacesuit again, after a hiatus of quite a few months. It's a lot of fun. You should try it sometime, haha! :)

If you're wondering about the effect of the isolated SARS cases in Taiwan and China on Singapore, the answer is: life goes on as usual. For now, at least. I was really bothered way back in March and April, especially after I signed up one lady who was subsequently confirmed to be a SARS case. But now, we feel more confident about the precautionary measures, and take things one day at a time. If you get worked up about it too much, you'd just end up completely immobilized, I suppose. :)

Now we've got a standby case of a young lady with a head injury from a road traffic accident, who's unconscious. ETA 10 minutes.

Yeesh, now I realize how hungry I am. Hmm, that's a good sign, actually. :P

More later. Gotta glove up and prepare myself.

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