Monday, August 29, 2005

Just Can't Get Enough Of This Guy

More House-isms( you've just GOT to watch this show ):

"If I go out there, I'll get assigned a kid with a runny nose. That's 30 seconds looking at the nose, 25 minutes talking to a worried mother who won't leave until she's sure it isn't meningitis or a tumour."

Grouchy retort to a patient's parent: You HOUND me for my opinion then you QUESTION my diagnosis.

House: Does your penis hurt?
Patient: ( outraged ) No! ( then worried ) Should it?
House: No. Just thought I'd toss you a REALLY inappropriate question.

Patient: You've caused me severe emotional distress.
House: Well, I certainly HOPE so.

"9 times out of 10 there's no reason to talk to a patient."

"Oh crap. another reason I don't like meeting patients. They don't know what you look like they can't yell at you."

David Shore, you're my hero. :)

Mark Your Calendars

October 10th, Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The person who first gave me this "inside scoop" in late June was absolutely right! ( I couldn't post this because she asked me not to spread the news. )

Michael Buble's coming back for his 2nd concert since that awesome show back in August 2003 ( review in the archives section ). Woohoo!

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Finished the book a week ago, and am STILL disappointed. Writing's just phenomenally bad lah. And the last few chapters ( with the Inferi ) turned really really dark. I've always supported letting kids read the series, but this latest installment isn't suitable. I just hope the final book will pick up the slack and stay clear of blatantly occult-related subjects.


If you remember my rave review of Marcos Villatoro's excellent crime thriller "Minos", then get the prequel, "Home Killings". Actually meant to take this to Italy, but paranoia about losing the novel and having to pay the Tanglin Club a hefty fine put those plans on hold. Now I've finally gotten round to borrowing it again, and it's just fantastic!

Marcos is also one friendly chap. Try dropping him an email via his website at

Romilia Chacon has Jennifer Lopez written all over her.

Laughter, The Best Medicine

Hilarious comedy of errors in the Forum Page a while back - wow, which genius mixes up SGH and TTSH, and the months February and April?

Never mind the lack of an apology from either the writer or the Straits Times. We all had a good laugh about it, and hey, the "bad publicity" did wonders for some of our shifts ( I saw a total of 2 - TWO!!! - cases at one point, heh heh ). Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, and things are now slowly returning to normal. At least the upper echelons are taking an interest in our predicament, with the implementation of much-needed changes in the system. Yay.

Pictures from Italy

A little too exhausted to write anything detailed today, so hope you enjoy the photos.

These were taken during an afternoon drive along the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento, where the roads lie immediately adjacent to the cliff's edge, so that when you look out the coach window, you literally see nothing but blue ocean.

Spectacular but intermittently terrifying ( considering the fact that Italian drivers and roads aren't exactly the safest ).

We stopped for traditional Italian pastries and champagne at the end before heading back.

I especially like the one I snapped of the boats. Had to lean over the railing a ways to get that shot. While my mom wasn't looking, of course. :P

All in all, a pretty good day. :)

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