Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Quotes

From Scrubs:

An unimpressed nurse Carla to Turk the surgical wannabe: So you're a surgeon, with the God complex, the cockiness, the married-to-the-job routine...

Senior resident Dr. Cox to eager beaver intern J.D.: We can't change our patients. We just treat them. If you keep living and dying on whether your patients change, you'll never make it as a doctor.

( Author's note: Heck, I gave up a long time ago. )

Heard over Class 95:

"Drivers please take note that a motorcycle is lying in the left lane. I guess it must be tired."

"Studies have shown that the leading cause of divorce... is marriage."


Peter Cincotti Gems

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, a fellow fan decides to send me 3 new songs by the jazz wunderkind.

Over The Rainbow - Moving beyond comprehension. If you've heard his poignant cover of Kermit The Frog's Rainbow Connection, this'll definitely blow you away. Especially love the opening verse before he carries on into the song proper.

Even If - Excellent solo piano and nothing else. Peter in his element = a perfect 10. Naturally. :)

The Girl I Knew - Whoa, another sizzling original composition bearing some resemblance to The Girl For Me Tonight on his 2nd album. This features a leisurely tempo provided by a very cool drum accompaniment.
"Don't be fooled by her flirtation / 'Cos she's a dangerous creation / If one day you want to give your heart away / Just think twice before you do / And keep remembering the girl I knew."
Hard to imagine any woman treating him badly, but his boyishly mournful vocals certainly add a touch of possibility to the lyrics. :)

Was contemplating a laptop change, but with all my Clay Aiken and Peter Cincotti files and who-knows-how-many pictures stored in the hard disk, I don't think I can risk losing any of them. So tell me: how long can a Dell Inspiron 4000 last? :D

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