Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jazz Highlight

The Klazz Brothers are back!

Major scramble for tickets ( thank goodness I'm off next Monday ). No major press publicity, so I stumbled across the ad in the August issue of FIRST magazine early this morning ( I can never quite catch up with my reading ).

Most of the better seats have already been snapped up. Gotta admit it's a huge leap in terms of venue, considering the fact that they last performed at the NUS Cultural Centre in 2004 ( a place that sorely lacks that oomph! factor ). The Esplanade Theatre is an excellent choice, and I hope audiences will respond enthusiastically.

If you've got the evening off, do drop by for a night of great classics mixed with hot Cuban beats. :)


To 2 JC mates who ( FINALLY! ) tied the knot last weekend.

Making their entrance to a tongue-in-cheek choice of song ( ie. At Last - heh heh ), the dinner was a beautiful affair, with the groom giving a hilarious speech, and the bride looking absolutely gorgeous ( though she swears NEVER to wear evening gowns ever again ).

Our table comprised the usual JC gang - a mixture of professions including military, medical, law, engineering and educational. Predictions for the next nuptials were rampant - with me being dragged into the ring, of course - though the main contender won hands down. You can deny it all you want, my friend, but if a woman wants to get hitched, Resistance Is Futile *evil laugh*. :D

It was really great meeting up again ( think the last time was almost a year ago ). What a wonderful bunch of people. :)

New Blood!

Watch for the new SMA News editorial board lineup, with a couple of new members boasting excellent credentials despite their junior status. All I can say is, it's a relief for us "seniors" to unload a bit, and have new slaves to exploit.

Just kidding. :)

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