Saturday, September 10, 2005

This Guy Is Good

Really Good

His latest entry on running SOCs ( Specialist Outpatient Clinics ) had me in stitches.

Don't be fooled by the Ah-Beng / Brudder-Gang Singlish. He's got some spot-on insights about the local healthcare system and writes about the medical profession in a witty, satirical and highly intelligent manner.

I'm a big fan. :)

House Episode 4

Dr. James Wilson: I'm just amazed you're actually in the same room with the patient [ i.e. a neonate ].

House: People don't bug me till they get teeth.

House: Radiologists ALWAYS over-read babies' x-rays, especially if they're asked to rule out a pathology.

Hospital administrator to House: If you would see a shrink I'd pay for it myself. The hospital would hold a bake sale, for God's sake.

Dr. Allison Cameron: It's easier to die than to watch someone die.

House: The most successful marriages are based on lies.

House: This is out fault - doctors over-prescribing antibiotics. We bred these babies. Now they're grown up with body piercings and a lot of anger.

Patient: Thank you so much! I gotta get you a gift or something!

House: [ smiles ] Sometimes the best gift is The Gift Of Never Seeing You Again.

A month into its first season run, you may have noticed a few inconsistencies here and there, which may or may not bother you depending on your threshold.

For example, House's team of residents appear to be experts in everything, from neonatal intensive care to anaesthesia to infectious diseases, performing procedures that run the gamut from Swan-Ganz catheterization to surgical airways and bone marrow aspirations.

They even do lab work!

Err, okaaay. Kinda like CSI where the team members comb crime scenes, process evidence, interrogate suspects and even literally chase them down.

Plus, both shows love to advertise the ( completely inaccurate ) fact that DNA analysis takes less than a day.

Oh well, I can live with it. :)


My 2 days off couldn't have come at a better time.

Spent Friday nursing a horrible cold - sadly, I've developed a paranoid habit of popping antibiotics if I don't recover by Day 3. Am feeling better today, but Saturday afternoon will be taken up by an EBM workshop, during which I will probably have to leave the room every half hour to blow my nose.

Another shift on Sunday. Help.

Straw Poll

Posted something on The Lingual Nerve.

Have always been curious about this, so if you've got an opinion, please voice it.

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