Saturday, October 08, 2005

Major Uploading

I guess I should really get these up, since it's been more than 2 months since I got back from the trip.

Those of Florence include shots of the Piazza della Signoria, a very crowded ( duh ) square featuring lovely sculptures, among them the affectionately nicknamed "mini David".

The Piazza aroused my interest mainly because it's a location for key scenes from "Hannibal". Not too sure about the specific details, but I think a vivisection bit was set here. I just love this type of thing. :)

Other famous movies filmed here include "A Room With A View" ( according to a Google search ).

The two pictures from the Tivoli Gardens feature the (ahem) well-endowed Venus and a panoramic shot from the 2nd tier. Again, like many attractions in Italy, the photographs turn out much better than the actual thing. Having been to Hever Castle in the outskirts of London, I found the Tivoli Gardens quite a letdown, mainly because it's just a tad neglected - a real pity.

More to follow another day.

Review Of The 40-Year-Old Virgin

My first foray into the cinema since "Batman Begins" 4 months ago, and boy was this absolutely worth it! :)

Hilarious yet poignant, foul-mouthed yet sweet, graphic yet non-exploitative. Definitely not an easy feat.

The star, a once-unknown-now-catapulted-into-the-hall-of-fame Steve Carell, is perfect as clueless innocent Andy, with his Playstation "Halo", half a million bucks' worth of action figures, meticulously prepared morning omelettes and kiddy bike.

Played with an equal measure of wide-eyed sensitivity and great skills at physical comedy, Carell effortlessly wins audiences over, as evidenced by a VERY appreciative crowd at a sold-out show last night.

If you've seen "Bruce Almighty", you may recall Carell as Jim Carrey's rival anchorman, aka the dude who kena sabo-ed in the middle of a 'live' news telecast, during which Carrey made him go into this prolonged blabbering session which still makes my sides hurt even though I must've seen it more than 10 times. :)

This is just one of those sleeper hits that has the right combination of everything: a great lead, a lovable supporting cast ( the priceless Paul Rudd, a classy Catherine Keener, a whole slew of wacky guys from horny blacks to angry Pakistanis ), a superb script rife with classic scenes, and my personal fav - a musical montage right at the end reminiscent of some '70s pot-head fantasy sequence ( the dreamy song, all those half-naked men prancing around, the big open field setting - what a riot! ).

Highly, HIGHLY recommended. :D

The Halfway Mark

4 more days, then it'll be back to the grind.

Well, at least there's Michael Buble's concert to look forward to. See you there, aliendoc! :))

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