Saturday, December 31, 2005

Advance Greetings

I wasn't supposed to log on to Blogger today, but since I'm here, I'd like to wish all readers a very Happy New Year. :)

2005's been really great for me. Possibly the best year ever, in fact. Met a lot of wonderful people who went out of their way to help me. Made good progress in all aspects of my life. Enjoyed tonnes of exciting, rewarding and truly memorable experiences. Hitting 30 hasn't been bad at all. :D

2006 comes with its own set of resolutions and possibilities. There's a countdown to my exit in 2007 ( ASTs are getting shorter these days - both good and bad ), a planned trip to the US ( definite this time ), plus more forays into the entertainment industry ( to be revealed at my leisure :)). Most importantly, however, there's always a constant need to prioritize - family, close friends and religious commitments being the top 3.

If you're interested in participating in some charity projects, let me know 'cos I'm drawing up a proposal soon ( there's another in the pipeline since early 2005 but they're ironing out a few creases, which may take a while ). If you'd like to air some pent-up opinions about medical education or our healthcare system, I can serve as an outlet and forward feedback directly to the SMA.

While 2005 was mostly about trying new things and making numerous leaps of faith, 2006 will be more geared towards bringing about change and ensuring adequate progress and development.

So I hope your year has been fulfilling. And that the next will be just as good, if not better.


I'm hunting for fans of rock band Franz Ferdinand who may be going to their Indoor Stadium gig in February. My circle of friends isn't that tuned into these guys. Frankly, neither am I. But FF is more of a visual feast than an audio one - I've watched their performances at various award shows and think they're hilarious. And their music videos! What a riot!

So if you're gonna attend their show, or thinking about it, give me a shout. Of course, I'd much prefer accompanying humans whom I actually know personally, so no strangers please. I suspect there're medical people ( students, nurses, fellow docs ) who love FF. Just that they're not on my mobile's list of numbers.

Enjoy the weekend! I'm stuck doing a night shift on NYE, but heck, I know I'm not alone. Heh heh. :)

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