Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Link

Ah, a Cambridge gal. Wonder how she got hold of my blog address? :)

Thanks to some nifty shift-swapping, I have 2 consecutive days off, woohoo! ( Sad, I know, but woohoo! anyway. )

Swore I wouldn't sleep but ended up taking a 3-hour nap. Argh.

Just realized I may be stretching myself too thin. Sitting on too many committees to count. Not fulfilling my function as "chairwoman" of a few. And MUST get that charity thing going, dammit!

In Other News

Westlife has a new album out. ( And believe it or not, I have almost every single record they've ever released. Say what you will, but House once remarked, "I don't need to watch the O.C., but it makes me happy." Same with me and certain boy bands. :))

Face To Face is one of their better CDs, never mind the fact that they're doing solely covers. I think the guys have matured very nicely through the years, and I just enjoy listening to them, period. Wish they'd return for a concert though. Haven't seen them since, oh, 2000? 1999? I forget. I was so young then. :P

Another report that caught my attention was how Take That is apparently regrouping for a comeback effort. Sans Robbie Williams though.

It'll be interesting, but I expect little success, barring a miracle. But I wish them the best of luck.

Have found a terrific substitute for my movie mag cravings. Who needs all those $12 Movielines and Premieres when you can have a local version, i.e. FIRST magazine, which costs only $4.50, and provides a smorgasbord of giant movie posters plus tonnes of ( often hilariously insightful ) reviews? Well, there're quite a few glaring typo errors, but even an anal-retentive like myself am willing to overlook those because the writing's just nothing short of amazing at times.

For example, in a review of the original Batman DVD, there's a separate section on "Superhero Movies We Want To See That Rhyme With Batman", with the likes of Fratman ( Vince Vaughn from "Wedding Crashers" ), Pratman ( Hugh Grant ) and Hatman ( Andre 3000 from Outkast ). Best of the lot: Fatman ( Jack Black ), who would "fight evil by eating evil. He'd eat al-Qaeda. He would eat Kim Jong Il. He would eat those dumb kids in the void deck who won't shut up at one in the morning. )


There's a subscription form in the December issue. I've submitted mine. You should too. :)

National Geographic Kinda Rocks

I don't watch this channel much, but a late-night programme the other day kept me up.

Titled "Wild Sex: Sexual Deviants In Nature" ( or something like that ), it featured everything from gays ( lions! giraffes! ) to transexuals ( garter snakes ) to paedophiles ( apes ), hermaphrodites ( snails ), gender-role-swapping ( seahorses ) and outright gross-ness ( a particular beetle whose male offspring hatches inside her abdomen, impregnates all his sisters before they even emerge from their eggs, dies, then when the females hatch, they eat their way through mummmy's tummy. Yuck! ).

The narrator was quite a hoot as well, spouting his lines with deadpan monotony. The sleazy soundtrack was appropriate too - like what you hear in porno films ( yes, I've seen a few :)). The show ended off with a cute little twist - building up to a climactic "And NOW for the most deviant sexual act of all... MONOGAMY!". And who would've thought black vultures are among the most faithful?

Now if only I can figure out when the next episode airs.

Solved a mini-mystery recently. I couldn't figure out the identities of 2 women I spotted at the Michael Buble soundcheck party, but finally saw them on MTV Asia a couple of days back. They're the twins from Double Trouble lah.

Y'know, they're really quite vampy in person. Or at least they were that night. Unbelievably tall ( or maybe it's the stiletto heels on their boots ). For a moment, I thought they'd been hired to make a "certain someone" happy. Turns out I was wrong. VERY wrong. My sincerest apologies to Mike!

The Return Of The Medical Students

They're thronging the ER again, and I must say this batch is making a much better impression on me than the previous group. Lots of enthusiasm, quite knowledgeable, love to take notes, love to take blood and set plug. Very handy. :)

One thing I find rather lacking, however, is the medical school's persistent failure to teach students how to read ECGs. I mean, just basic stuff is better than nothing. Why do they go through months of Internal Medicine, doing write-ups on acute coronary syndromes, when they aren't confident of identifying major abnormalities?

Funnily enough, I first learnt how to read electrocardiograms during my A&E posting in 4th year as well. What an eye-opening experience! I believe it was the ONLY posting that bothered to teach ECG-reading too. Talk about ironic.

Looking forward to my hosting gig come December 19th. Hope I fulfill my role as mentor and cheerleader to the 3 youngsters ( anyone more than 5 years my junior is a "youngster" now, haha ). I am, however, prone to occasional spurts of crabbiness, as I was earlier this week, for various reasons. But don't take it personally.


The Chronicles Of Narnia - directed by another New Zealander, and filmed in NZ as well. Am thinking of migrating there at this rate, heh.

King Kong - was a bit shocked by the trailer initially ( KK vs T-Rex?! ), but heck, I'm willing to pay for 2 hours of harmless fun. Actually passed the boat featured in the film when I was in Wellington ( pre-paint-job ) - the LOTR tour guide even pointed out a certain celebrity's bungalow, which was such a thrill for me. Also stood outside the Weta studio, and snapped a pic of a partially dismantled oliphant prop. Great value for money. :)

To end off, an article in the Straits Time today about a GP / aesthetic physician who made "disparaging remarks" about fellow colleagues brought to mind a prominent professor's own criticism of ER physicians. He may not have made it public, but he did state that the field of emergency medicine is redundant in Singapore, and that we should be disbanded and diverted into other more established specialties.

I'm wondering if I'll ever have the opportunity to rebut this to his face someday.

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