Monday, March 06, 2006

Short Pre-lunch Rant

The weekend was FANTASTIC, but I've got 10 straight days of work ( starting now ) so who knows when I'll next post something.

To cut a long story short, the recently concluded emergency medicine Annual Scientific Meeting was truly INSPIRATIONAL. In large part thanks to Prof. Colin Robertson, who edits the latest version of MacLeod's Clinical Examination, co-authors the excellent and indispensable Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine, and is a really REALLY nice person to boot.

Expounding on the merits of ER physicians in his gentle Scottish accent the other day, he boosted both morales and egos by stating what many are either too arrogant ( those NOT in e-med ) or too humble ( those who are ) to even suggest.

This was a closed-door thing, so I'm not going to quote him. Suffice to say, it dispelled a lot of the frustration I ( and countless others ) have been battling for the longest time, and gave me new insight into my personal motivations and the vital roles ER physicians play in the healthcare system.

I will mention something else Prof. Roberson said though:

"I've been an ED physician for 30 years, and I have NEVER once heard anyone say that they're bored. They may say they're exhausted. They may say they're frustrated. But THEY ARE NEVER BORED."

How right he is. :)

In other news, my Saturday afternoon shift turned out to be peptic-ulcer-inducing, NO thanks to a certain specialist who came down for a consult and almost drove my consultant and I mad. Nice chap, I'm told, and very senior ( he recently returned from an extended research sabbatical ) but he made some extremely dubious decisions and scared the hell out of even his own fellow specialists ( who are more junior but a lot less rusty clinical-wise ). Thank goodness the patient didn't suffer significantly ( except for a rather unnecessary visit to the CT room ). And granted, the specialist called my consultant later to apologize and provide an update of the patient's progress in the ward.

Oh well, as long as someone learnt something and no-one died.

Another incident which worsened my IBS is a certain MO ( whom I shall call X ), who almost sabotaged me. I believe it wasn't deliberate, but I just can't understand why, after 5 whole months in our department, X still possesses no independent thinking skills, almost always takes a grossly inadequate history, seldom exhibits any tinge of resourcefulness, and likes to argue when a senior points out deficiencies in his/her management.

This has happened so many times I've become pretty immune, but when I almost kena ambushed, my blood started to boil.

I shall not provide details here, but those working closely with me have already heard the facts and been duly warned to be extra-vigilant. I'm hoping X will quickly leave us once the next MOPEX rotation comes round. If not, I will personally recommend for X's physical removal from the ER.

Am tempted to scold X severely, but am too tired at the moment. Sigh.

The Oscars Cometh

I asked a male friend ( who's straight ) what he thought of Brokeback Mountain ( which I haven't seen ). His reply: It was boring. I dozed off.

Interesting. :)

I haven't seen any film in the cinema since King Kong. Am starting to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Anyhow, perhaps I'll write something after Jason Mraz's concert March 17. Hear it's selling out fast. aliendoc: Have you bought your tickets yet? I have. :)

Argh, wanted to review Mraz's latest album, Mr. A-Z, which I bought a week ago and have been blasting till I got tinnitus. In brief summary, it's EXCELLENT, and far better than his debut ( Waiting For My Rocket To Come ). I especially love Bella Luna ( best track ) and O. Lover ( very raw, very sexy ). What I enjoy most is how he's matured so much yet retained his trademark styles ( ie. cool wordplay, catchy rock-pop fusion, still that endearing boyish quality ).

May do a track-by-track review one of these days. If I survive the next week.


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