Wednesday, March 15, 2006


1. I made it through the last 10 days of crazy shifts intact. Woohoo!

2. Taylor Hicks wowed my socks off tonight with his latest performance! This dude is actually becoming quite sexy, imagine that. :) I want him to win. Reaaaaally bad.

3. A surgical professor recognized me during a mass casualty exercise the other day. Stuck out his hand and said it was "a great pleasure" to meet me. I was too dumbfounded to phrase an intelligent reply, but I offer a retrospective, sincere "thank you very much, sir". :)

4. The orthopaedic MO-on-call a few nights ago rejected a referral for acute osteomyelitis. However, thanks to the A&E consultants' veto rights, my senior-on-shift approved my request to ship the patient up to the ortho ward ANYWAY. No complaints so far. Ahhh, it felt goooood.

5. Patients perishing from outright exsanguination are few and far between ( excluding the usual horrendous RTA cases at least ). Terminal cancers are scary. Still vividly recall a gentleman with NPC who burst his carotid artery a year ago. Last night, a lady with advanced CA cervix died after a MASSIVE PR bleed. Premorbid state was already poor, but we went the extra mile with 7 pints of fluids, 1 pint of blood, 3 peripheral iv lines, 1 intraosseous needle ( we have the kit, with a drill and everything ), iv atropine / adrenaline, stopping just short of an intubation. Unfortunately, we couldn't save her, and once in a while, I feel something that goes beyond the usual disappointment and fatigue. Yesterday, I paused yet again as I filled out her death certificate, staring at the healthy, young woman smiling from the NRIC photo.

Sometimes, being a doctor is a lot toughter than one can ever possibly imagine. And I'm not talking about the hours or exams.

TV Updates

Seinfeld is currently airing reruns. All NINE seasons of them. For 6 whole months! Starworld Channel 18 every weeknight at 7:30pm. MUST NOT MISS!

House reruns are on the way. Apparently "by popular demand". Watch for these on AXN Channel 19.

If you missed the better part of Grey's Anatomy Season 1, fret not, as Starworld will air this in April, starting from the pilot. I didn't really like the show much initially, but I gotta say, it's kind of growing on me. George O'Malley is quite cute, no? :)

Lost Season 2 is due to return 30 March!

And of course, American Idol 5 boasts perhaps the best lineup ever ( not even Season 2 compares, save for Clay Aiken ). The final 12 are upping their game and letting it rip. Time magazine predicts the top 4 will be Paris, Katharine, Ace and Taylor, but I just want Taylor to win. He's so darn excellent! :D

Am currently reading Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. Was prompted by the recent Oscar buzz. Haven't had any time to watch any movies this year, but I plan to read the novel then catch the film if possible. Preliminary reviews are good. I'm a fan of compelling, slow burners -- I'm quite obsessed with Thomas Hardy and John Berendt -- so Capote's detailed character studies are right up my alley. Wealthy family slaughtered in an otherwise quiet small town. Neighbours start locking their doors, people start talking, secrets unravel. I always worry that a book I'm enjoying just a little too much will end up disappointing, but I have a good feeling about this one.

Next on my list of to-do's: a blissful evening with the divine Jason Mraz this Friday. Review to follow this weekend. :)

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