Thursday, April 06, 2006


But I have to admit I was REALLY nervous this week. Sure, Taylor's a great singer with loads of fans, but his choice of Take Me Home, Country Road wasn't exactly inspired, and the vocals were so-so at best.

Still, the Soul Patrol pulled through and kept him safe! :)

Best performances this week:

Ace Young - who sounded like Kenny Loggins ( excellent )
Chris Daughtry - doing a slow number ( reminded me of Guns 'N Roses' Patience )

Am kinda glad Mandisa's out. Yes, she has a voice, but I don't think she's Idol material. However, I hope she secures a recording deal and carves out a successful career path for herself. Wish she could've thought through last night's wardrobe selection though -- all that wobbling flesh made me a little queasy.

Watch For It

This is one TV show I'm looking forward to seeing.

Fascinating premise, good-looking leads ( Jared Padalecki is one of my favourite alumni from "Gilmore Girls" ), and loads of paranormal characters to boot. Sounds like it's received pretty good reviews so far, but didn't hit the Top 10 for 2005. Oh heck, "Numb3rs" didn't either, but I love it to death.

"Supernatural" trailers are already airing over AXN Channel 19 during prime-time. Likely to start its 1st season run in May.

Other Returnees

CSI: New York

Season 2 just began on AXN Tuesday 10pm. Terrific, as always, but it's undergone some major changes since its dark-and-depressingly-rainy atmosphere a year ago. This time round, the colours are prominently brighter, Stella Bonasera flashes skin ( lots of it ), the medical examiner joins the field team, and the new ME is a Chinese dude who looks like the leader of a Hong Kong triad. Seriously, he's a butcher. But likeable, haha.

Think there's a new young lady on board too. Guess Aiden ( the pouty Hispanic chick ) got swapped. As long as Danny Messer and Don Flack stay on, I'm happy. :)

Lost 2

2-hour pilot irritated a little, but that's just me.

J.J. Abrams seems to have a knack for alienating fans -- "Felicity" got tiresome halfway through season 2, while "Alias" bored me after season 3.

All this mumbo-jumbo about the mysterious numbers and some weird relationship between surgeon Jack and this Australian dude he met jogging in a stadium back home is too out there for my taste.

But at least they got the stupid hatch open. At last.

Grey's Anatomy

I'm actually starting to like this as much as I love "House" ( gasp, oh no! ). :D

I give credit to Sandra Oh, whose performance in Monday's episode ( post salpingectomy for an ectopic pregnancy ) had me in stitches. Does she deserve the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards or what?

So, when the re-runs started on Starworld Channel 18 last night ( 9pm, in case you're wondering ), I found myself chuckling along as I relived the interns' first 48 hours at work.

It's a good show after all. :)

New PAP Candidate Unveiled

Someone asked if this means our department will get bullied less now that we have "a connection". Err, maybe. Heh heh. :)

Congratulations to Dr. Lateef. She's more than capable and guaranteed to put her best foot forward for her country.

Happy April Fool's!

Played a joke on some friends last week, causing major ripples through my JC class. Will spare you the details, but in short, it achieved an important goal and illustrated other people's good faith in my credibility -- apologies for taking advantage of that! Class gathering being planned, so see you guys soon.

Part-Time -- Sort Of

Through some quirk in the roster, I was bestowed with 4 days off this week. It's a much-needed break, but will result in a 9-day stretch of non-stop shifts next week.

Anyhow, I've got a couple of rented DVDs to enjoy ( "Chronicles of Narnia" among them ), and really should get some paperwork done.

ER issues will be discussed another time.

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